A tick survived for 27 years in a researcher’s laboratory including eight without food—a new record for the species.

Julian Shepherd, associate professor of biological science at Binghamton University in New York, also found that a female tick was able to store sperm and reproduce from it four years after the last male tick in his study group died.

His findings are published in the Journal of Medical Entomology(See link for article)



Well, this explains some things.

Although the tick discussed here is the Argus Brumpti, a species of soft tick found in southern and east Africa, it reveals just how hardy and persistent these little monsters are.  Again, tick and the diseases they transmit  have nothing to do with the weather or so-called “climate change.”  They are marvelously ecoadaptive and simply hide under leaf litter or snow when weather becomes inclimate.

The climate change moniker is a ruse for obtaining highly sought after government grants from corrupt institutions who are in bed with Big Pharma, Big Tech, and mainstream media. Researchers continue to push this false climate narrative despite much evidence to the contrary obtained by independent researchers who are not bound by ‘the powers that be’ who are pushing and only doling out grants to those that promote it.

There is much evidence that the very institutions and people behind the creation of COVID were also behind the Lyme debacle, and until the government gets out of controlling science and medicine, patients will never get the help they need.