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Jan. 31, 2021

“Myocarditis risk higher from ‘vaccine’ than Covid”

Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra

  • Sunderland goalkeeper Lee Burge is facing an extended spell on the sidelines as the club continues to monitor his recent heart issues, after getting the COVID injection.
  • “He has still got an issue,” Former Sunderland manager Lee Johnson told a pre-match press conference ahead of his side’s trip to Bolton. ‘It seems to happen a lot after these injections or Covid.”

Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra responds to claims the Covid jab could have caused the heart problems.

“If you are under 40 the risk of Myocarditis from the ‘vaccine’ is higher than Myocarditis from Covid.”

And this telling video details how myocarditis concerns are growing. Jefferey Jaxen goes through the VAERS data as well.  Coroner states they are dealing with multiple cases.

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Feb. 5, 2022, GBNews

Mark Dolan gives 10 minutes of Hard COVID truth

  • Study shows PCR is horribly inaccurate & 1/3 testing positive are NOT contagious.
  • The virus travels through the air via aerosols.  Washing hands won’t aerosol transmission.
  • Plastic screens could worsen COVID risk according to a government study.
  • Cloth face masks are “facial furniture” & countries using N95 masks have seen skyrocketing cases.
  • “Vaccine” passports have clearly failed.
  • FOI request reveals Welsh government has no evidence for imposed restrictions and closure of nightclubs.
  • Lockdowns have caused 87,000 cases of cancer to be missed according to an analysis by King’s College London’s Institute of Cancer Policy.
  • There will be a day of reckoning over the “biggest public health mistake in history.”
  • Sweden is an example of a country who stayed with existing pandemic strategies and has seen a fraction of the economic and societal damage and had fewer per capita deaths than countries that locked down hard.
  • Dolan asks the important question: “Why is it OK to wreck lives?”
  • Dolan blames weak politicians, modelers, and the media for only offering ONE narrative.
  • Data from around the world shows this narrative was wrong.
  • Concealing information is tantamount to an untruth.  It’s government propaganda.
  • A meta analysis by Johns Hopkins University showed lockdowns prevented only .2% of COVID deaths, but caused untold economic and societal damage.
  • Dolan does not expect an admission of guilt from the media.
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