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Jan. 26, 2022

Recordings of Possible Botched Administration of COVID Vax on Kids “Some people got the wrong one”

  • Medical supervisor admits “some people got the wrong one.”
  • There is NO package insert in the box with COVID shot vials. No ingredients listed.
  • Nursing staff told to “YouTube it” when asking how to mix the COVID-19 Vaccine 
  • Nursing staff on video: “wrong mixture could cancel out [the protection of the vaccine] or have adverse effects.”
  • A pediatric nurse came to Project Veritas to blow the whistle on New York contracted healthcare provider DocGo, and their subsidiary Ambulnz, who may have jeopardized the safety of thousands of people, including young children, through negligent administration of the COVID-19 “vaccine”. 
  • Recordings from the whistleblower show fellow medical staff acknowledging mistakes of improperly mixing and administering the Pfizer children’s vaccine with the wrong diluent (bacteriostatic water), lack of proper training, lack of incident reporting. 
  • Pfizer, the CDC, and the FDA are all very clear: the COVID-19 vaccine should only be administered with the proper saline solution; bacteriostatic water is NOT to be used. 
  • Project Veritas reached out to Pfizer, multiple doctors, and scientists. None were able to state with certainty what the adverse effects are on children getting the wrong mixture, or adults getting overdosed with the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • It is unclear if patients, including parents of children who were vaccinated, were ever notified, despite company supervisors appearing to be aware of the problem.
  • According to the nursing staff, no incident reports were filed.
  • A full version of Capone’s response to the Project Veritas release is available at
  • More children have died after COVID shots than from COVID.
  • Go here for the latest VAERS information and mounting list of adverse reactions and deaths.

Regarding Children

Injecting children with this experimental gene therapy, who rarely get COVID or transmit it, and have more than a 99.9% chance of surviving is the height of insanity. A team of Johns Hopkins researchers recently reported that when studying a group of about 48,000 children, they found zero COVID deaths among healthy kids, and a new study from Germany shows extremely few deaths among healthy children overall and ZERO deaths in 5-11 year olds, suggesting most studies are designed to distort the risk to kids.  Go here to read and listen to Dr. Prasad on how many are citing research that is flawed.

A recent report by Public Health Ontario showed heart inflammation following these shots is significantly more prevalent in young people, with over 100 needing hospitalization for “vaccine”-related heart problems.  And a preprint study, showed healthy boys between ages 12-15 were 4-6 times more likely to be diagnosed with myocarditis from the COVID injections than they were to be hospitalized with COVID.  As of Nov. 24, 2021, VAERS has received 1,949 reports of myocarditis or pericarditis among people ages 30 and younger who got the jab.  There are currently 666 cases of carditis after the shots in the 12-17 age range. To date there have only been 630 deaths in 17 year olds and under who tested positive for COVID, which again, may or may not be the only cause of death We can truthfully say that more children have died from the injections than the disease itself, and those numbers are only going to increase.

A respected geneticist has issued a warning for young people stating,

“the risk is higher to be vaccinated by Astra-Zeneca than not to be vaccinated. That’s it. It’s as clear as that.”

Large U.K. study, the most comprehensive on the topic to date, backs up clinical reports that show children and teens are less likely to be hospitalized or face severe effects from the virus.  The UK advisory panel does not recommend COVID injections to healthy 12-15 year olds due to the potential of heart inflammation. They also state children are at such a low risk from COVID that the jabs offer only a marginal benefit.

Go here to listen to “A Call to Europe: The Future of our Children is at Stake!”

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