Biden Administration Building Databases of Federal Employees With Religious Vaccine Exemptions
KanawatTH/iStock/Getty Images Plus

The Biden administration is preparing to create databases of federal employees who request religious exemptions from the president’s vaccine mandate, which could easily lead to discrimination against those individuals.

The first agency to announce the plan to build such a data store is the Pretrial Services Agency (PSA) for the District of Columbia, a federal independent entity that oversees both defendants awaiting trial and parolees. However, Heritage Foundation legal fellow Sarah Parshall Perry — who, along with her coworker GianCarlo Canaparo, broke the story — told the Washington Times that

at least seven other federal agencies, including five Cabinet departments, are apparently setting up similar ‘personal religious information’ databases.

Perry and Canaparo believe the administration is testing the waters with the PSA announcement, which went unnoticed prior to the publication of their article.  (See link for article)