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Omicron in Oakland: How a Wisconsin wedding with vaccinated people led to outbreak

An epidemiologist who went to the wedding and got sick herself, has this warning: “We all have COVID fatigue. The virus does not.”

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) — There has been a lot of news about a Wisconsin wedding that left 12 people in the East Bay testing positive for COVID-19, many of them with the omicron variant, according to Alameda County Public Health Department.ABC7 News reporter Leslie Brinkley spoke with an epidemiologist who attended the wedding and got sick herself.RELATED: California omicron cases linked to Wisconsin wedding, health officials say

Debra Furr-Holden is the associate Dean of Public Health Integration at Michigan State University.

“I’ll give people a cautionary tale,” she said. “If a group of medical professionals and public health professionals can’t prevent spread at a social gathering, it’s just the luck of the draw for everybody.”

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This article demonstrates the clear hubris of health “professionals” who believe they can stop a ‘virus.’  You can’t.  A virus must simply run its course.  This is historical knowledge understood by every grandmother since the beginning of time until the world went mad and believed it could control the world.
This article also proves masks are futile against a substance smaller than the holes in the mask.  She obviously is oblivious to the fact the widely-hyped mask study has been proven to be a complete sham.
Everyone at the wedding had a faulty PCR test supposedly proving they were ‘virus’ free, were completely muzzled up, they all like sheep got the experimental mRNA injections – many obtaining boosters as well, and yet as has been proven time and time againan outbreak occurred.
When is experience going to trump insanity?
Oh, but get this: they took off their masks to eat, drink, and dance.
Is there a magical element here I’m unaware of?  That the ‘virus’ acknowledges there are times to infect and times when it shouldn’t?  This is utter lunacy.
The saddest part of all is this smart epidemiologist believing she was at an event with ‘very responsible people who are very smart.’ 
Perhaps it’s time to redefine what ‘smart’ means.
But it gets even better.
This smart epidemiologist actually isolated from her 3 month old granddaughter when children are nearly impervious to COVID.  In fact, historically, ‘viruses’ don’t go away or weaken until they have gone through the populationparticularly the young and healthy which simply deal with it and help the public at large to develop herd immunity.  But that was before the world went mad.
This epidemiologist’s symptoms?  A scratchy throat and bad headache, and she’s fine now.
Then the smart epidemiologist states we have to be more vigilant. 

And how, pray tell are we going to do that when all the smart people supposedly did it all to begin with?

I suggest bubble suits for all to avoid those nasty scratchy throats and headaches.

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