New Study: Half of Hospitalized COVID Patients Have Mild Case, Are Asymptomatic, or in Hospital for Another Reason

New Study: Half of Hospitalized COVID Patients Have Mild Case, Are Asymptomatic, or in Hospital for Another Reason
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About three million people in the United States with the China Virus have been admitted to hospitals in the past year, data from the Centers for Disease Controls show.

Yet not all of those hospitalized with the virus were hospitalized because of the virus. Instead, the Atlantic reported on September 13, they went into the hospital for another reason, but tested positive after they were there.

That means the data on hospitalizations with the virus might not tell us what we think it does.

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Once again, data is being twisted to provoke fear for a bigger agenda.

The important issue here is how the “virus” is affecting any given individual.

Due to vast testing being done at hospitals, they are recording incidental COVID cases that never would have been recorded otherwise. The past CDC director has admitted that hospitals have a monetary incentive to over count COVID deaths.  This has occurred in Wisconsin and in every state.  It’s notoriously been done in nursing homes.  Remember that even the CDC has withdrawn EUA for the PCR test as it can’t distinguish between COVID and the flu.  Further, the CDC stopped counting the flu to purposely pad COVID cases.

Important quotes:

Let’s read that again: About 50 percent of COVID-positive VA patients in the hospital were there for another reason or had a mild case of the disease.

Of vaccinated patients, 57 percent presented with mild or asymptomatic disease, and “unvaccinated patients have also been showing up with less severe symptoms, on average, than earlier in the pandemic,” the Atlantic reported:

While the authors want to give credit to the “vaccines”, historically it is known that viruses weaken over time.

The most logical conclusion is to refine the definition of hospitalization.

 “Those patients who are there with rather than from COVID don’t belong in the metric.”

I’m not downplaying the fact people can become very ill from COVID.  I was one such case.  What is despicable; however, is the fact our corrupt public health ‘authorities’ are censoring and denying cheap, effective, successful treatments that is killing thousands upon thousands as well as continues to push a narrative that our only hope is a fast-tracked, experimental gene therapy injection that is literally maiming and killing thousands more.

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