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Don’t miss our FLCCC Weekly Webinar, tonight September 8th at 7 PM ET. We have an amazing line-up of guests from the front-lines of national news.

Newsworthy Topics:

  • Guests who have been involved in recent court cases to compel hospitals to give their loved ones Ivermectin.
  • Hospitals have refused to prescribe ivermectin to their critically ill patients.
  • 63 studies have now shown Ivermectin’s efficacy in all stages of COVID-19 disease.

Featured Guests:

  • FLCCC co-founding physician Dr. Fred Wagshul, who prescribed ivermectin to a patient in a Cincinnati hospital.
  • New York attorney Ralph Lorigo, who has represented more than a dozen families in these court cases.
  • Relatives and patients who survived after winning their court orders.

Videos of patients’ stories:

Recent Ruling:

On Monday, September 6, 2021, the Cincinnati judge, Michael A. Oster, Jr., ruled that West Chester hospital would be allowed to discontinue giving ivermectin to their patient, Jeffrey Smith, after the initial ruling compelled the hospital to give Mr. Smith the drug for 14 days.

  • “But for me, the most disturbing issue is that the hospital itself—after telling Julie Smith, Jeffrey’s wife, that they had tried everything to recover her husband and could do nothing more for him—refused to try ivermectin,” said Dr. Wagshul.

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