By Lonnie Marcum

12 APR 2021

LYME SCI: North America is “ground zero” for babesiosis

Please don’t make the mistake of limiting these various strains of Babesia or ANY tick-borne illness to certain geographical locations.  Migrating birds are dropping ticks all of the world with abandon – including places they’ve never been before.  For far too long, doctors have looked at geographic maps to diagnose people.  This has caused untold suffering and harm  and must stop.
Recently, this article came out on Jonh’s Hopkins finding 5 herbs that work in vitro for Babesia.  Please see my comment after the article about the need for caution as what is found in vitro often does not translate out into the body.  Previous work on Stevia is a perfect example.  Here’s another good article on the topic as well.
Again – not trying to be a “Debbie Downer” just realistic and wary.  

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