Call it the divine rule of masks. You shall not utter a negative word about them. You shall never question their effectiveness, even when they’ve failed to work for six months. You shall never be caught without the idol on your face – even on the face of your two-year-old, for that matter. You shall worship the cloth until the bitter end.

It doesn’t take a scientist to see that masks don’t work. The experience of unprecedented universal mask-wearing for months – even in places that had few COVID cases to begin with but then skyrocketed after mask use – demonstrates that the idea of wearing a mask to block a respiratory virus is sheer lunacy. Yet one group of researchers tried to cherry-pick data from a selected counties to show that cases dropped after the mask mandate, without any regard for the fact that each wave only lasts for about 6-8 weeks in a given area before dissipating – regardless of what actions are taken by the local population. Then it comes back a few times until everyone has been exposed to the virus.  (See link for article)



According to the article, the counties studied had already experienced viral peak before the mask mandate and were destined to drop without doing anythingas viruses always do, until the next potential wave.

Researchers were forced to withdraw their study due to increased rates of infection – because THE MASKS DIDN’T WORK.

The authors promise to publish an update but Horowitz points out the obvious – the fact there were multiple waves shows the natural trajectory of viruses – there’s no need for an update.  Viruses will ‘burn through the population regardless of what we put on our faces.’  Truer words were never spoken.

Horowitz points to the military to prove this point as there is 100% compliance of:
  • double-layered masks at ALL times indoors and outdoors except while eating or sleeping
  • social distancing of 6 feet on an island where they were not allowed to leave campus
  • being denied access to things that could provide surface transmission
  • routinely washing hands
  • most instruction and exercises outdoors
  • sleeping in double-occupancy rooms with daily cleaning of sinks
  • sanitizing bathrooms after each use with bleach wipes
  • cleaning dining hall with bleach after each platoon had eaten
  • supervising all movement of recruits, implementing unidirectional flow – with designated entry and exit points to minimize contact
  • undergoing daily temperature and symptom screening
  • enforcing quarantine measures by the same 6 instructors

Yet, despite hundreds if not thousands of cadets living like the ‘boy in the bubble,’ none of this worked, just as it failed to work with Army recruits at Fort Benning:

Possibly the only good news from this debacle was that 90% were asymptomatic, which is also consistent with previous findings.  For more on this:

Telling quote:

It’s about control and idolatry. Except this form of idolatry requires more faith in cloth diapers than the men of cloth have in God.

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