September 15, 2020

Requester’s Voice: Kris Newby, author of Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons

“Oh you’re working on a book.  What are you working on?”  “You know, insects of mass destruction.”

Written by Beryl Lipton Edited by Michael Morisy

Kris Newby is a science writer, a MuckRock user, and the author of Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons, which was deemed the winner in the Narrative Nonfiction category at the 2020 International Book Awards.

Newby recently shared her personal journey that took her from the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard into the depths of the U.S. government’s Cold War biological weapons program, what she found there, the FOIAs she filed along the way, and what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had to say about her.

Requester’s Voice is a MuckRock series in which we interview public records requesters about the experience of using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). You can find the whole series here. Interviews are edited for length and clarity.

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This, by far, is the most in-depth interview with Newby yet and will put you on the edge of your seat.  I must confess I’ve not read the book yet but this interview is making me purchase the book.  

She mentions Wisconsin’s involvement with all of this.  There’s no question researchers experimented on ticks and dropped them from airplanes as part of a bioweapon program for the military.  No question.  Most of the records have been expunged but researchers have spoken out and more are still alive that could speak out.  

She also exposes what I’ve been writing about for some time: the literal research Cabal that exists on all things Lyme/MSIDS.  These cronies are interconnected, have severe conflicts of interest, and protect each other.  Research funding for all things tick-borne related is scanty, therefore the competition to obtain that funding is cut-throat.  This Cabal has dominated research on Lyme/MSIDS for over 40 years:

We owe Newby a debt of gratitude for her work.  She did most of this footwork while incredibly ill herself.  

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Lastly, Newby mentions her work with the documentary “Under Our Skin.” If you haven’t seen this yet, please do.  It’s eye-opening and what many patients experience – despite the denial of CDC authorities, The Cabal, and ignorant mainstream medicine.

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