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Testing, Government Assessment of Testing, & Consequences of Testing

Sept. 17, 2020

Starting at 1:43 Dr. Popper reads straight from the Australian Public Health Website.  In it we learn that the reliability of COVID-19 testing is “uncertain.”  

For anyone reading this website, this is not new news; however, civil rights are being taken away due to this abysmal testing.

For more on testing and how it’s being used to take away our freedom:  (Many more links within on faulty testing as well as the fact his abysmal testing is what is being used by ‘contact tracers’ right here in Wisconsin as part of Governor Evers ‘Badger Bounce Back’ Program.)  Please alert your representatives of this fact.

Fast forward the video to 5:15 and we learn the results of this “uncertain” testing.
  • We learn that schools are having virtual classes due to COVID testing, despite the fact most young people are not severely affected by the virus.
  • A 17 year old New York High School student is protesting the coronavirus regulations put in place due to testing.  This student was arrested for “irresponsible behavior and selfish behavior” for a publicity stunt where he was arrested trying to go to school. Despite his suspension he then showed up later prompting a police response.
  • In Quebec city, it has been announced they will isolate uncooperative citizens in a secretive COVID facility.  Evidently patrons of a bar were ordered to wait for the results of the “uncertain” COVID testing, but they left the premises.  Due to this and the fact some have violated home quarantine, they are also tracking down people and taking them to this secretive facility. There is no mention of these people being ill.  
  • Closer to home in Houston, TX it has been announced that residents will be randomly selected and visited in their homes by city officials and paramedics (wearing “Better Together” T-shirts), asked to fill out questionnaires and then get a blood draw.  The City of Houston is partnering with the CDC, Baylor College, and Rice University. They admit the blood test does not replace the nasal swab or oral testing. They also want to know if you’ve been around anyone diagnosed with COVID (determined from the same ‘uncertain’ testing) so they can isolate them too.
  • A Canadian flight was cancelled due to a 3 year old not wearing her face-mask. The father asked if she could finish her snack first so he could “ease her into it,” but this wasn’t good enough for the West Jet airline’s zero tolerance policy.  The 3 year old was so hysterical she vomited. The airline then announced the family had to leave or face getting arrested and prison time.  West Jet accused them of non-compliance yet a video showed the child had her mask on when authorities entered the plane.

Popper states the obvious:

We’ve lost all compassion for anyone other than those with COVID.  We share a planet with many people.
Time to stop this nonsense that is all based upon “uncertain testing.”



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