House Candidate Stephanie Schmid. Photo by Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe

Schmid shot at Smith’s Lyme disease amendment doesn’t help her, experts say

Democratic-controlled House unanimously passed Smith call for probe into origin of Lyme disease

By David Wildstein, July 22 2020

After Rep. Christopher Smith (R-Hamilton) got the U.S. House of Representatives to agree to probe whether the U.S. government ever weaponized ticks with Lyme disease on Monday evening, Democrat Stephanie Schmid may have walked right into a political buzz saw.

Schmid pounced on Smith, accusing him of wasting tax dollars and “promoting debunked conspiracy theories.”

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The ignorant one here is Schmid who obviously doesn’t know her history.  

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In this eye-opening interview with entomologist James Oliver, we learn he went to Fort Detrick and did distribution tests on ticks after they released them from airplanes.  He explains that members of the army and civil service people had special training and aptitude, and were working on biological warfare in crops and bacteriology.

“Everything was very hush-hush, very secret.  I’m still leery talking about it, because I think they might put me in jail because I’m delivering secrets.  It was a crazy time.” James Oliver

Does that sound like conspiracy “theory” to you?  Me either.

Further, we learn it was shut down in 2019 after a failed safety inspection.  It housed frightening pathogens like Ebola & Tularemia:

Then there’s that little nagging fact that the “discoverer” of Lyme disease, Willy Burgdorfer, worked at a biowarfare lab and partnered with Oliver:  In this link, investigative journalist Kris Newby tells the history:

The Army explained: “In 1953, the Biological Warfare Laboratories at Fort Detrick established a program to study the use of arthropods for spreading anti-personnel BW agents. The advantages of arthropods as BW carriers are these: they inject the agent directly into the body, so that a mask is no protection to a soldier, and they will remain alive for some time, keeping an area constantly dangerous.” Source: U.S. Army Chemical Corps, “Summary of Major Events and Problems (Fiscal Year 1959),” Rocky Mountain Arsenal Archive.

Burgdorfer, the discoverer of the Lyme bacterium, was a key member of this project team. He worked on weaponizing ticks and teamed up with fellow tick expert James Oliver at the Ft. Detrick bioweapons headquarters to develop ways to mass produce infected ticks so that they could be dropped from airplanes on enemy territory. These claims are backed up by interviews with these scientists, as well as with extensive government documentation from multiple reliable sources, all listed in BITTEN…

And after my interview, I verified his claims with recently released documents, including a 1962 Memorandum to the NIH Director that says that Dr. Burgdorfer, “was engaged for 3 years on classified projects (Army) from which findings could not be published because of their impact on national defense.”

So much for conspiracy “theory.”

Then there’s Lab 257 on Plum Island (another biowarfare lab), right off the coast of Connecticut where the first outbreak occurred:  Within this link another entomologist explains that ticks have been experimented on due to their ability to spread disease.  He admits ticks have been genetically engineered, have become more ‘potent’ and that scientists can create human disease almost at will.

The Plum Island biowarfare lab relocated to KU:

Another chronological timeline of events complete with FOIA documents and studies:  Of particular interest is the Burgdorfer’s involvement with infecting the relapsing fever tick with Borrelia latychevi, a close relative to Lyme, at the NIH Rocky Mountains Lab, demonstrating they were working on infecting ticks with borrelia in bioweapons labs well before the 1975 Plum Island outbreak. A few years later Burgdorfer studies the artificial feeding of black-legged ticks for the transmission of disease agents, again showing they were infecting ticks with diseases to use in research experiments by those involved with bioweaponry. He also infected ticks with leptospirosis, another spirochete similar to Lyme that infects humans. 

In later research they state that these spirochetes persist in the body and when infected cows develop the “chronic form” it is associated with abortion, stillbirth, infertility, loss of milk production or premature birth in weak an infected calves.

This link shows that a highly pathogenic “clone”of borrelia found in Ixodid ticks “dispersed rapidly and widely in the recent past” and caused an epidemic Lyme disease centered around a biowarfare lab. 

One of the best reads is by Jerry Leonard, a tireless and knowledgable researcher on this topic:

Coming around full circle to the COVID fiasco, Gates Foundation monies via CEPI are financing the messengerRNA Moderna SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. Moderna’s other partner is the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which Dr Fauci heads and who is front and center of the Trump Administration virus emergency response.  The experimental vaccine was sent to Fauci’s NIH for tests on human guinea pigs, not on mice

Time for people to get their heads out of the sand and wake up.  They’ve been experimenting with ticks & spreading them for a long, long time.