The CDC Confesses to Lying About COVID-19 Death Numbers

Can any government statistics on COVID-19 deaths be trusted?

It is an open question now that we are learning that the highly respected, world-class Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been lying to us.

This revelation comes a few days after I wrote here at American Thinker that New York City was lying about COVID-19 deaths.  The normal rules about reporting deaths have been violated by that city in the rush to inflate the body count, presumably to steer more taxpayer money to the Big Apple.  (See link for article)



Key Quote:

First, experts told us 2.2 million Americans would die.  Then the number fell off a cliff, plunging down to around 200,000.

As of April 8, the number of those expected to die from the disease by August 4 was down to 60,000, or roughly a very nasty flu season.  The new figure comes from the influential model produced by the University of Washington that the White House regularly cites.

Current research from Germany shows mortality at .4%:

Common Denominator in COVID-19 Deaths In People Under 50? Insulin Resistance


April 13, 2020, By Dr. Mercola


  • In Italy, more than 99% of fatalities from COVID-19 occurred among people who had underlying medical conditions
  • The finding came from an examination of 18% of Italy’s COVID-19 deaths, which revealed that only three people who died — or 0.8% — had no underlying conditions
  • Among Italy’s COVID-19 fatalities, 76.1% had high blood pressure, 35.5% had diabetes and 33% had heart disease
  • Underlying health conditions like heart disease and diabetes are linked to “poorer clinical outcomes,” such as admission to an intensive care unit (ICU), a need for invasive ventilation or death, among COVID-19 patients
  • To beat COVID-19, one of the best strategies is to get your underlying chronic conditions under control; even diabetes and high blood pressure can often be reversed via healthy diet and lifestyle  (See link for entire article)



There is a video in the link above if you would prefer to listen.

This reminds me a bit of my trip to the grocery store recently where I saw people suited up with face masks and gloves on – yet were in the candy aisle buying bags of candy. Simple sugars are not your friend – particularly if you want to keep your immune system at top notch.  All the masks and gloves can’t protect a weak immune system. 

For a great read that gives some research on sugar on the immune system:

Best quote:  

“Diet Can Shift the Microbiome in 24 Hours”

These doctors were right all along:

Total US Deaths From First 3 Weeks in March 2020 are Actually Down 15% from Average of Prior Four Years

Article here:

This graph for England and Wales says it all (click on graph to enlarge it):


The CDC lying isn’t a surprise to Lyme/MSIDS patients. They’ve been lying about tick-borne illness for decades and continue to do so and still get away from it. They rig the studies, continue to push abysmal, inaccurate testing, and push unscientific treatment guidelines, all while persecuting doctors who dare to depart from the narrative, yet the drum beats on with main stream medicine walking in sync with the CDC. and

The rest of the world is now getting a taste of what Lyme/MSIDS patients deal with on a daily basis.  Lies, damned lies and statistics.

Remember New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo screaming about beds and ventilators?  Only 18,500 were in use at week’s end — about 13% of the predicted need. And the Javits Convention Center had only 300 patients, with 2,500 empty beds.

Citizen reporters who went around filming all the shelled out hospitals

We are also being falsely told there’s a shortage of doctors and nurses: