Second year PhD student in Epidemiology at UC Davis, Sharon Brummit, needs to raise $2,000 in a matching grant with, to obtain 500 human serum samples from blood banks from high incident counties for LD in CA.  They will test the sera for antibodies to B. miyamotoi and B. burgdorferi.  

This work will demonstrate that people are in fact ill with various strains and the current woefully inadequate two tier CDC testing only uses one strain collected from one tick in a lab.  

“I am excited to share with you my research on a very interesting tick-borne disease in California caused by Borrelia miyamotoi,” says Sharon. “This disease causes a relapsing fever illness and we know it is in our California ticks – we just haven’t found it in people yet! Click on the video link to learn how you can donate and be part of the effort to be the first to document how widespread infection with this organism might be!”