Approx 33 Min. April 15, 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Oz Discusses The Hydroxychloroquine Study Outcome With Dr.Didier Raoult

Do not seek these medications without the guidance of a doctor.



I’ve posted on Hydroxychloroquine before:

Lyme/MSIDS patients know this drug as plaquenil and often use it for Babesia, a malarial-like organism that is considered a fairly common coinfection from a tick bite.  In fact, both my husband and I used this drug in our treatment regimen.

I’ve heard directly from European doctors that this drug is working miraculously for COVID-19.  Miraculously. We also heard recently from Michigan Representative Karen Whitsett, also a chronic Lyme sufferer, that this treatment saved her life:

Then there’s Dr. Zelenko, a New York doctor, who’s successfully treated 1,450 COVID-19 patients with a 99% success rate using a cocktail of hydroxychloroquine, Zinc Sulfate and Azithromycin:  Video with Zelenko in link.

Evidently, Lorraine Johnson of Lyme Disease Organization stated the following about the need for COVID-19 treatment now in a recent Forbes interview:

“It is important right now to take the gloves off clinicians and give them access to all available tools. Patients are dying and can’t wait for clinical trials.”

She states her comment drew fire.

This is also what I’ve been noting.  But it doesn’t surprise me.  Why?  Because Lyme disease treatment that has proven to be successful clinically has also been targeted by “authorities”:  The short recap is that the CDC cherry-picked 5 cases that had poor outcomes using IV therapy and then wrote a paper scaring the bejesus out of doctors. 

What’s interesting about the MMWR paper is that one of the authors, a CDC epidemiologist, allegedly solicited IDSA doctors for evidence of harm from IV antibiotic treatments, offering co-authorship of the report if anecdotes were used, according to a blog post by’s vice president. No such solicitation was made for IV treatment success stories.

I just happen to have success stories on IV therapy from an IDSA founder here:

The MMWR paper is a prime example of bias which frankly is embedded within the CDC.

“If you search the MMWR archives, there are no other examples of this sort of bias for ANY OTHER infectious disease requiring IV treatments,” Ahern wrote in an email. “None.”

To those that are worried about side-effects: nearly all drugs have side-effects. This is why doctors and pharmacists go to school. They are fully capable of discussing these side-effects with their patients and deciding if it’s worth the risk or not.
Did you know you can actually die from drinking too much water?  It’s true.
**Medpage recently came out with this article, which does have a disclaimer that it is a satirical piece; however, the picture of Dr. Oz with tape over his mouth is quite telling. The title is, ” CDC Recommends Dr. Oz Wear ‘Duct Tape Mask’**:
I don’t think the message could be clearer.


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