For those of you just tuning in, the CDC wrote a horrific report intended to frighten doctors into not prescribing long term antibiotics and IV treatments including IVIG.  The damning article is found here:

It’s important to note that according to Dorothy Leland of, the lead author, CDC’s Christina Nelson, essentially trolled for case studies to support her pre-determined conclusions by contacting the Infectious Disease Association of California, and possibly other states, asking doctors to provide examples of misdiagnosed people with chronic Lyme and/or had adverse effects due to treatment of chronic Lyme.  The fact she could only conjure up 5 cases when there are nearly 400,000 new cases of LD each year.  She even dangled a carrot by giving them co-authorship.

The Washington Post, despite all the controversy over TBI’s and the unethical approach by Nelson, repeated the CDC dogma here:

ILADS just submitted their rebuttal:

Another rebuttal by Pat Smith, President of LDA:

Lee’s rebuttal:

And lastly, Conner’s letter to the Washington Post on their lack of ethics:  Conner states, “The Washington Post health editor Laura Helmuth has in the past disclosed during her post as health editor at Slate that she does not believe in persisting Lyme disease because an acquaintance of hers committed suicide while undergoing treatment, and she believes the treatment is what drove her friend to suicide.”

Helmuth obviously hasn’t read this:


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