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20-year-old shares her Lyme disease diagnosis story

FRESNO, California (KSEE/KGPE) – At just 7 years old, Chloe McLemore started having trouble forming sentences.

“She started stuttering and also scratching her head to the point that she had a bald spot,” Kathleen McLemore, Chloe’s mom, said.

She quickly then began experiencing other difficulties.

“Really bad body pain, along with stiffness for me and then brain fog, lots of brain fog, anxiety, depression,” Chloe said.

Kathleen said she took Chloe to several doctors, but no answer would leave them satisfied.

“It was very frustrating,” Barry McLemore, Chloe’s father, said. “I’m a mechanic, I fix things with my hands and I’m able to do so much. And here I have my daughter who’s broken and I had no power or couldn’t fix her.”

It wasn’t until Chloe went to Amen Clinic in 2017 where she got an answer. She had Lyme Disease.

Ten years of false information and finally getting a solid ‘this is what you have,’ it’s hard to explain the feelings. I had a lot of joy,” Chloe said.

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This same story plays out thousands upon thousands of times across the globe with patients struggling with bizarre symptoms and doctors misdiagnosing them. Often they even refuse to even test patients let alone treat them. Our own WI representative Melissa Sargent had this happen when she took her son into a doctor. Children are losing their childhoods due to doctors who have their heads in the sand.

The article refers you to the CDC website for more information. Bad form. The CDC is directly behind the mishandling of this complex disease(s) and are not be be trusted further than you can throw them. The CDC is a captured agency and rife with conflicts of interest:

For more: The racketeering scheme to downplay the severity of Lyme disease as identified in the RICO lawsuit should be addressed and documented by the TBD Working Group and not ignored as if this crime does not exist otherwise it will be business as usual at the Centers for Disease Control and we’ll have another thirty years of failure to properly diagnose, treat and control this life-altering infection.  (complete convoluted history about Lymerix found in this link)  In 2012, when the CDC revised the official case number of new Lyme disease infections per year from 30,000 to over 300,000 new Lyme––overnight, those of us in the know understood that they were getting the public ready to accept this upcoming vaccine with open arms and a sense of relief. In other words, scare the public just enough to make them open to wanting this product without causing mass panic nationwide or worldwide. And without having to explain their denial to date.  Did you know that the LYMERIX vaccine caused 640 emergency room visits, 34 life threatening reactions, 77 hospitalizations, 198 disabilities, and 6 deaths? In a vile cesspool of conflicts of interest are university patent holders, drug companies, and the FDA itself as another patent holder. It generated 40 million dollars before it was yanked. (2008, Drymon)

The CDC is not be be trusted with anything.