In the Tech and Science section of Newsweek, July 25, 2017, the headline reads: “Lyme disease vaccine on fast track for FDA approval.”

Those of us in the Lyme world know that this is anything but good news. In fact, for those of us ‘in the know’, it’s absolutely terrifying.

Why? you may ask. Why wouldn’t we want a vaccine to prevent this illness? After all, we’ve been hearing just how life-altering and debilitating this disease can be. Wouldn’t a vaccine protect us from this potential fate?

I will give you five key reasons to consider why a Lyme vaccine is something to stay very far away from. I urge you to do your own homework and give it great consideration before you or your loved ones choose to let your doctor provide you this now ‘fast-tracked’, soon to be available Lyme vaccine.

And please – when you do your homework, do NOT fall for the long-held, propaganda-driven ‘Lyme loonies’, anti-vaxxer’, ‘anti-science’ argument. This is nothing more than a false and desperate, shall we say childish, position that the powers that be continue to mount for their own personal benefit driven by profit and greed, and certainly not public good. Please don’t fall for these victim blaming, gas lighting, insidious behaviours. Be smarter than that. It may be too late for the millions suffering from this life altering illness … but it’s not too late for you.

Here are the five key reasons why you should NOT get the new Lyme vaccine:


We in the Lyme world have a long list of reasons not to trust that the medical ‘powers-that-be’ on the subject of Lyme disease. For forty years, they have been telling us that ‘there is no such thing as chronic Lyme, that there are no ticks here, that you couldn’t be this sick, we don’t know what’s wrong with you but it isn’t Lyme, it’s probably just ‘all in your head’. Around the world, in 80 countries and on every continent, people are chronically ill with Lyme disease and most cannot get treatment. It’s a do-it-yourself disease. Sufferers have to search far and wide for any type of relief. Most cannot afford to get out-of-the-box treatments, even if they can find them. Many die from this disease, too many by their own hand. YET … for decades now, the Lyme Cabal has been preaching that Lyme disease is ‘difficult to catch, easy to diagnose and easy to treat’. Tell the sick and infirm that this is true and see what happens.

Here is an example of the victim blaming – even worse, federally-funded victim blaming, using taxpayers hard-earned dollars:

“Advocacy for Lyme disease has become an increasingly important part of an antiscience movement that denies both the viral cause of AIDS and the benefits of vaccines and that supports unproven (sometimes dangerous) alternative medical treatments. Some activists portray Lyme disease, a geographically limited tick-borne infection, as a disease that is insidious, ubiquitous, difficult to diagnose, and almost incurable; they also propose that the disease causes mainly non-specific symptoms that can be treated only with long-term antibiotics and other unorthodox and unvalidated treatments. Similar to other antiscience groups, these advocates have created a pseudoscientific and alternative selection of practitioners, research, and publications and have coordinated public protests, accused opponents of both corruption and conspiracy, and spurred legislative efforts to subvert evidence-based medicine and peer-reviewed science. The relations and actions of some activists, medical practitioners, and commercial bodies involved in Lyme disease advocacy pose a threat to public health.”

When I had the chance to ask one of the co-authors, Dr. Raymond Dattwyler why he and his colleagues would write such an article, his response was “They were bothering us.” Enough said!

So, if in fact as these authors would like you to believe, Lyme disease is NOT insidious, ubiquitous, difficult to diagnose and incurable, then why are they bothering to create a vaccine at all. If Lyme disease is nothing more than a nuisance condition as some have misclassified it, then why bother? Why inoculate? Why fast track it? What’s the point? Why the hype? What’s the rush?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — a federal agency that conducts and supports health promotion, prevention and preparedness activities in the United States – along with the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) have been the leading deniers of Lyme disease. 

In 2012, when the CDC revised the official case number of new Lyme disease infections per year from 30,000 to over 300,000 new Lyme––overnight, those of us in the know understood that they were getting the public ready to accept this upcoming vaccine with open arms and a sense of relief. In other words, scare the public just enough to make them open to wanting this product without causing mass panic nationwide or worldwide. And without having to explain their denial to date.

Let it be known that 300,000 cases per year makes Lyme disease almost twice as common as breast cancer and six times more common than HIV/AIDS. So why is it that Lyme sufferers receive far more support and guidance from their fellow Lyme sufferers on Facebook than in any doctor’s office? Where are the Public Service Announcements that have not been issued by the government, the CDC, the IDSA? Why are infectious disease doctors most notorious for their denial of chronic Lyme disease?

Policy drivers have remained fixated on surveillance of ticks and the early, non-disseminated, acute stage of Lyme disease, rather than the millions of Lyme patients who have become disabled from prolonged exposure to infection and have become incapacitated. This class of patients have been widely ignored causing sufferers to have to go it alone, fight the medical system, experiencing denial of their illness and complete medical abandonment. Those in the know will tell you that Lyme disease can and often does become a life altering infection if not treated immediately. Just ask Duke University Professor Neil Spector, who required a heart transplant after experiencing four years of undiagnosed-untreated Lyme disease. Or Dr. Alfred Miller, a retired Mayo Clinic rheumatologist whose daughter-in-law was diagnosed with ALS at age 43 which spurred him to discover links between Lyme and ALS.


In 1993, the ‘Lyme Cabal’ were in Phase I and II of their OspA LYMErix vaccine trials.

What is OspA? Outer surface protein A transmitted by two types of dirty needles––the shed blebs of the spirochete (aka tick phylum) and the vaccine LYmerix. OspA detonates the immune system creating the same disease outcome regardless of which way it’s transmitted.

Make no mistake! The Lyme Cabal knew as early as Phase I trials that their OspA vaccine would cause the same disease as the tick-borne illness.

Ergo—their master plan … to create a definition of Lyme disease that would fit their upcoming vaccine model and thereby get the vaccine approved and to market.

So …in 1994, the CDC hosted a consensus conference in Dearborn, MI, along with a dozen labs across the country and together they falsified the very definition of Lyme disease by eliminating the neurological, immunosuppressive type which account for 85% of the cases.

If they conveniently ‘determined’ that the 85% group – those with an immunosuppression neurological outcome––simply did NOT exist, then they could claim that their vaccine was 85% effective. With no immunosuppressive, neurological disease to find, then the vaccine would be a hit with the remaining 15% who presented with an arthritic, bad-knee type only. A brilliant marketing scheme at the expense of millions worldwide for the years to come.

You see, you CANNOT create a vaccine for an OspA fungal antigen — the TRUE definition of chronic Lyme. It can’t be done. And the OspA vaccination known as LYMErix caused the same disease from a syringe as it does when you get Lyme disease from a tick bite. LYMErix victim’s immune systems were destroyed by the vaccine because OspA is an endotoxin that causes immunosuppression and subsequent severe neurologic multi-system disease.

So by narrowing the definition and by claiming that only one type of the disease (the bad knee arthritic type) exists, then they could sell a vaccine. Not only that. They were also able to profit by limiting the number of labs that were sanctioned and thereby cornering the market on the patents of a variety of tick borne diseases.


In 1998, the FDA approved a new recombinant Lyme vaccine, LYMErix™.

This OspA vaccine was in the end the very thing, the very fungal antigen, the very TLR2-agonist (structure equaling function), that caused the New Great Imitator outcomes of MS, ALS, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Cancer, and more.

LYMErix did not produce antibodies. It is a fungal antigen. It activates latent herpesviruses, which are basically the main drivers of the MS and Lupus outcomes. And OspA-induced tolerance to similar TLR2-agonists causing the ALS and Chronic Fatigue outcomes (mycoplasma bear OspA-like antigens). 

LYMErix vaccine (and the Tuberculosis vaccines) all failed because they caused immunosuppression, no antibodies, and they made the victims more susceptible to other infections.

The LYMErix vaccine caused the same disease that us tick bite sepsis victims know as “Chronic Lyme disease”. It was not taken off the market due to low sales. The manufacturer SmithKline Beecham was given an ultimatum in 2002 by the FDA to take it off the market or they would. 

Why would the Lyme cabal purposely create a Lyme vaccine that is harmful. Well, first and foremost, there is a matter of patents and profits. Secondly, in order to get the vaccine to market, they have to show that the vaccine will create antibodies to produce a certain level of protection. And it is only when these lipids are exposed (OspA) that the immune system will see them and cause an immune response. “Falsify some data, throw out those volunteers, and do whatever you have to to make the data fit the scientific narrative.” says Truthcures activist Beaux Reliosis. Here is a relatively new scientific report confirming that this is the case.

The falsified definition of Lyme disease created by the Lyme Cabal in 1994 followed by the driving force of this criminal act – their precious LYMErix vaccine – is the entire reason that millions world-over are suffering from this holy hell and why infectious disease doctors everywhere will tell you that ‘there is no such thing as chronic Lyme, it’s no more than a nuisance disease, it’s all in your head, it’s the celebrities creating hype and drama that is really the root of the problem.’ Those celebrities. Shame.

In case you’re interested, here are just a few of the LYMErix victims’ stories.

And this: “A wide range of neurological complications have been reported via the medical literature and the VAERS system after vaccination with recombinant outer surface protein A (OspA) of Borrelia. To explore this issue, 24 patients reporting neurological adverse events (AE) after vaccination with Lymerix, out of a group of 94 patients reporting adverse events after Lymerix vaccination, were examined for causation. Five reports of cerebral ischemia, two transient Ischemic attacks, five demyelinating events, two optic neuritis, two reports of transverse myelitis, and one non-specific demyelinating condition are evaluated in this paper.”

Bottom line: OspA is Pam3Cys. TLR2/1 fungal endotoxins cannot be a vaccine.*%20or%20p3c)%20and%20(immune%20suppression%20or%20tolerance)


And NOW, The French company Valneva is starting their phase 1 trials here in the United States and in Belgium this year.

Another version of the very same Osp vaccine.

What they fail to mention is that OspA is Pam3Cys. Which leads to immunosuppression and immune tolerance, reactivated viruses (EBV and CMV, Herpes) and opportunistic infections, multiple severe neurologic diseases occurring simultaneously, post-sepsis syndrome. A B-Cell AIDS destroying the lives of millions. 

This new ‘fast-tracked” Lyme vaccine will represent just one more chapter in this global medical holocaust we know as chronic Lyme. We’re all doing our best to warn YOU––the unsuspecting public––that you can’t vaccinate against an OspA fungal antigen. It can’t be done.

It will do nothing more than make you sick with permanent immunosuppression … and a life of hell.

Why would BigPharma want to ‘sell’ yet another OspA vaccine and risk making people sick? Your guess is as good as mine but we always know that our best bet is to follow the money. Enough time has passed since LYMErix. They’ve worked very hard to blame the victims for the last fiasco and take no responsibility. They’ve created just enough public concern about this so-called ‘nuisance disease’ that people will be lining up to get it. They are in a good space right now to bring a new vaccine to market and make a fortune. As long as they figure out how to mitigate some of the damage this time, they will walk away with a huge money-maker, and––yes––with casualties that they can once again blame on anti-vaxxers, Lyme loonies, and the media.


For the most part, the medical powers that be do NOT have your best interests at heart. Certainly not when it comes to chronic Lyme disease. They have too much to hide and nothing to gain by allowing it to come out from behind the well-placed forty year shadows. The medical-industrial complex is designed to make money. Period. It is not designed to make people well or to be concerned about public good.

Remember this. Do your research. Listen to those suffering. And think about whether it makes any sense that millions of people would be faking their illness for some personal gain and allow their lives to be destroyed for what?

Above all, read, research, ask questions, challenge your doctors, and think long and hard before you allow yourself or your loved ones to be forever destroyed by this up-and-coming Lyme vaccine.

Lori Dennis, MA, RP is a Registered Psychotherapist and the author of LYME MADNESS, named #1 NEW RELEASE in Immune System Health on Amazon. LYME MADNESS is available on Amazon. For more information on Lyme Madness, go to 



Ms. Dennis has hit the nail squarely on the head with this one.  The OspA vaccine causes the same illness as the tick.  Buyer beware!

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