May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month

KMIZ ABC 17 News

By Ethan Heinz

May 8, 2023


May is national Lyme Disease Awareness month, giving activists and those suffering from Lyme disease a chance to spread information on how to prevent the disease.

According to the Centers for Disease Control’s website, Lyme disease is often found in the upper midwest and northeastern states in the United States, and is transferred through tick bites.

The CDC says 476,000 people are treated for Lyme disease each year, based on insurance records.

Liam Conlon is Lyme positive, and lives with the illness after a tick infected him.

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Fairly balanced reporting here for once.

While the spokeman for the Columbia/Boone County Health Department is correct in stating that not all ticks are infected, this is the wrong approach.  When will we learn?

Take each and every tick bite as seriously as a heart attack and ASSUME you are infected.  The risk simply isn’t worth it.

I’m thankful the article points out Lyme is only the tip of the spear and there are many other pathogens they can transmit besides the ones listed in the article.  Bartonella is one of the worst and isn’t even mentioned.

There are also many other signs and symptoms than what are listed in the article.  Time to get educated.  Time to stop regurgitating age-old information that is incomplete or inaccurate.  One example is waiting for symptoms before seeing a doctor.  At this point it would be foolish to “wait and see,” because this approach has doomed thousands of people to a life-time of suffering.  Each tick bite should be treated.

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