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UK Stopping COVID Primary Shots

Dr. John Campbell

May 23, 2023

  • In the topsy-turvy world of COVID where corrupt public health has become little more than carnies hawking their wares, the UK Health Security Agency is still pushing the clot shots on the unvaccinated. “Book now to make sure you get both jabs before the offer ends for many people on 30 June.”  Step right up!  Step right up!
  • The CDC website is just as unbelievable and hawks out that “everyone 6 months and older should get a COVID-19 ‘vaccine.'”
  • And this is happening despite the fact it is now widely known the shots do not stop infection or transmission and are linked with more reports of adverse events and death than any other vaccine in the history of VAERS.
    • Retired financial analyst Peter Halligan shows 36 million COVID injection deaths based on scaling up the numbers of adverse events reported to VAERS and EUDRA by an Under Reporting Factor of 40 and then “globalizing” to reflect the one eighth share that EU+US injections were of global injections.
    • Study by Taiwanese & Stanford researchers on US “vaccinated” and unvaccinated shows an alarming statistical increase in retinal vascular occlusion (blindness).
    • New national data show an alarming rise in fatal blood clots.
    • Data showing sudden cardiac arrests.
    • Study shows children are dying at the highest rate in decades.
    • Insurance data show a 40% increase in death.
    • Two studies show increased rates of myocarditis and risk of infection, a Thailand study showed 1 in 43 teens got myocarditis, and Pfizer withheld the fact their own documents showed increased myocarditis after the shots. Now a new study shows that 80% with myocarditis are not recovered at 6 months.
    • Analysis showing 300,000 excess deaths,  6.6 million people, injured, 1.36 million people disabled, and cost the economy an estimated $147 billion in damage — in 2022 alone.
    • 3,000 Australians are lining up for compensation for damage after COVID shots.
But it’s #ABV (anything but the ‘vaccine’).

‘Pathogen detectors’ could be installed at sea ports under new government proposals

Interview: Technology placed in busy transport hubs could monitor the flow of pathogens across global supply chains, says science minister

The government is considering installing “advanced sensors” into its shipping ports to detect the spread of infectious diseases and new pathogenic threats.

Under plans to create an international surveillance network, led by the UK, the same technology would be placed in ports and airports across a select number of nations to better monitor the flow of pathogens across global supply chains.

This data would be shared between members and allow governments to take immediate action against emerging diseases of concern before they escalate into major outbreaks.

George Freeman, the science minister, told The Telegraph that the proposed strategy was in its infancy and remains under development in Whitehall, with the government yet to approach any international partners for the project.

However, he said the “advanced sensor technology” needed to run the programme already exists, adding that AI would also play a vital role in the monitoring and detection of infectious diseases.  (See link for article)



  • Using COVID and globalization as excuses, ‘the powers that be’ are pushing biosecurity in the broadest context.
  • Using all the frightening dystopian buzzwords like “constant data feed,” “trusted partners,” “shared data,” “climate change,””food insecurity,” and “hugely powerful” regarding AI, this system would require a very big computer.
  • While China spends $240 billion and the U.S. spends $300 billion per year on science and research, the UK feels poised to be a “‘global convener’ of international scientific partnerships,” where it can once again “assert itself on the international stage,” after being weakened by foreign aid cuts and Brexit which took the country out of the EU’s flagship scientific program, Horizon – which granted UK scientists funding grants.
  • Evidently the government is now “negotiating hard” to return to the EU’s nearly $83 billion science program.

As if reading from the same script (which they are) the WHO is partnering with key countries in all continents and private entities such as the Wellcome Trust and the Rockefeller Foundation to form a new global organization to monitor, identify and track diseases.

“The International Pathogen Surveillance Network (IPSN) will provide a platform to connect countries and regions, improving systems for collecting and analyzing samples, using these data to drive public health decision-making, and sharing that information more broadly,” the WHO said in a news release.

“The IPSN, with a Secretariat hosted by the WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence, brings together experts worldwide at the cutting-edge of genomics and data analytics, from governments, philanthropic foundations, multilateral organizations, civil society, academia, and the private sector. All share a common goal: to detect and respond to disease threats before they become epidemics and pandemics, and to optimize routine disease surveillance.”  Source

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