Get Ready For a Big Marburg Scare

Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex propagandists activated following reports from Equatorial Guinea & Tanzania.

MAY 2, 2023


On April 6, 2023, the CDC issued a report “to increase awareness of the risk of imported cases in the United States” following Marburg Virus Disease Outbreaks in Equatorial Guinea and Tanzania.

“This is a problem – this unprecedented outbreak of the Marburg virus in two different countries,” said Paul Hunter, an epidemiologist at the University of East Anglia.

“There has been an acceleration in the number of Marburg virus outbreaks over recent years,” added Cesar Munoz-Fontela, a specialist in tropical infectious diseases at the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine in Hamburg.

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PSYOP-23: Seeding Marburg Virus As The Next Global “Pandemic”

The Mockingbird MSM outlets have just been tapped on their proverbial shoulders to ramp up the “pandemic” outbreak fear mongering.

This substack has previously covered potential virus outbreak narratives ranging from Monkeypox to Ebola to Marburg:

With all of the various other psyops currently in play, and the growing backlash to all things DEATHVAX™ and the burgeoning rallying call of #DiedSuddenly, the usual One World Government nodes like the WHO, WEF, UN, et al. had placed the “pandemic” narrative on the back burner on simmer; that is, until fairly recently.

Marburg was originally detected in Equatorial Guinea after health authorities were notified of a patient with hemorrhagic symptoms back on Feb 7th.

Since that time, Marburg has been confirmed in the country where 9 have died, 27 are in ICU with hemorrhagic fever symptoms and 274 others are in quarantine and being tested.

The virus has “officially” spread to Cameroon where two cases have so far been confirmed by lab results from Feb 13th.  The two had no travel history to or from neighboring Equatorial Guinea.  42 people who came in contact with the two individuals are undergoing contact tracing.

Now it has “possibly” spread to Gabon as well where 5 possible cases are being investigated as lab results are still pending.  And 3 individuals in the Republic of Congo who recently visited Equatorial Guinea have expressed symptoms and are being investigated as lab tests are pending.

Marburg is HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS and death rates range from 24 to 88 percent depending on the care and treatment options available.   (See link for article)



  • According to the WHO, at least nine have died.
  • According to the CDC, Marburg is a viral hemorrhagic fever.
  • It is from an animal-borne RNA virus believed to have been transmitted from African fruit bats.
  • It is highly contagious with a high mortality rate (24-88%) according to the WHO.
  • It is spread by direct contact with bodily fluids or infected surfaces.  It is NOT airborne and has been mostly confined to Africa.
  • Symptoms include: high fever, severe headache, chills, malaise, muscle aches/cramps, jaundice, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea. A rash can appear on the chest, back or stomach 5 days after symptoms start.
  • While highly contagious, it is very rare.
  • With COVID waning, MSM may be about to go full fear-mode.
  • Do NOT comply.

Lyme/MSIDS patients live daily with a litany of similar and even worse symptoms but nobody cares.  Funny how the Eye of Mordor only sees what it wants to see.  Nobody lifted an eyebrow over the following:

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