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NightSide – A New Perspective on Lyme Disease

BOSTON (CBS) – Dr. Alfred Miller is a Mayo Clinic trained physician with four decades of experience running a private practice. He believes that there may be a connection between Lyme Disease, ALS, and MS. Tonight, he joins Dan in studio (all the way from Texas!) to talk about his research and take some listener calls. Tune in to hear his perspective and find out about some of the cases he’s seen.


Great interview.  Dr. Miller points out the insensitivity of current CDC 2-tier testing, the fact many patients with autoimmune diseases have undiagnosed Lyme, that other insects carry borrelia, the causative agent of LD, and the importance of going off immunosuppressive drugs for at least a month, taking at least 21 days of doxycycline to evoke an immune response, and then taking a Lyme test. (Please only work with a Lyme literate doctor.  Contact your local support group for more doctor information)

A word of caution:  while some LLMD’s use the CD-57, others do not.   It is important to remember that the CD57 result is just a number; far more important is the patient’s clinical status. An old professor of mine used to say, “treat the patient, not the lab test!” There is still much we do not know about the CD57 marker and what other factors may lower or raise it.

Dr. Marty Ross rarely uses the CD-57 – here’s why:  I rarely recommend a CD-57 test because in most situations it is not useful and has no real predictive or helpful value in charting the course of a person’s care. See why in this Lyme Byte from our webinar Conversations with Marty Ross MD on 09/10/13.  The CD-57 is a type of a natural killer white blood cell that often is less than normal in chronic Lyme disease. Some other Lyme literate medical doctors recommend it as a way to see if a person has Lyme and to follow the course of his/her treatment.

Dr. Miller points out that doxycycline only kills the spirocheteal form and the L-form of Lyme and does not kill the cyst form so when people are given doxy only, they are not eradicating the organism.  Most LLMD’s use a combination of antibiotics.  Only uninformed practitioners use doxy only.

He also recommends the IgeneX test.

A Couple of points:  Some patients NEVER test positive on any Lyme test and/or coinfection test for that matter.  In fact a highly reputable LLMD in WI states the very sickest patients often never test positive.  It truly helps to print and fill out Dr. Horowitz’s questionnaire.  If you have a preponderance of symptoms, chances are high you have Lyme:

Also, consider these coinfection checklists:  Babesia  Bartonella

Please contact your local support group.  Seriously, these people are the boots on the ground and are familiar with the lay of the land in your state.  They know the good treating physicians, their costs, their regimens, and other helpful information.  You do not have to go this alone.

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