The establishment has done everything within its power to discredit microbiologist Judy Mikovits who blew the whistle on contamination of vaccines with retroviruses She was arrested without a charge or a search warrant, her work was illegally confiscated, she was driven from government work, and blackballed from getting NIH grants – ending her science career,  and has been raked through the mud ever since. Every underhanded technique has been deployed against her.

Similarly to Dr. Andrew Wakefield who dared to even ponder a link between vaccines and autism, she too was “Wakefielded,” by ‘the powers that be.’ This is a useful tactic to completely discredit and silent your opponents.  Hopefully by now, if you read the information on this website, you understand a powerful reason why: our own government owns patents on vaccines and is a vaccine company which stands to make untold millions off of these products.

The following information is coming from a highly educated, experienced microbiologist who did nothing but study and work on viruses – and who revolutionized the treatment of HIV/AIDS – another thorny issue as Dr. Fauci, who went to work for NIAID after his medical residency and has never actually treated one patient, was neck deep pushing the toxic drug AZT which was approved in a record-setting 20 months, but like many “approved” COVID medications, actually killed many people.  Similarly to the controversy with COVID, there is great controversy about HIV causing AIDS.  This issue matters for many reasons, but particularly because the true cause will necessitate certain medications over others.

Mikovitz is a renegade, deeply loathed by Fauci and ‘the powers that be.’  I’m sure if you attempt to corroborate the following information, the ‘fact checkers’ will deny, deny, deny and have already undertaken an ad hominem smear campaign making her sound like a nut-job.  I wouldn’t be so quick to ignore the information she shares as it would explain a lot.  We truly are in a war of epic proportions, and thankfully, Judy isn’t going away.

Dr. Judy Mikovits: Since 1980, all viruses are bioweapons that have been created in laboratories

More than 90% of covid deaths in the UK are among those who received a covid injection. This shouldn’t surprise us, Dr. Judy Mikovits said, because every virus since HIV has been created using gain-of-function technologies.  In other words, every virus since HIV has been developed by scientists in a laboratory.

Excerpts from article:

“HIV was spread through the hepatitis B vaccination in the early 90s.  That’s where the gain-of-function HIV [came from], which never was LAV [lymphadenopathy-associated virus] associated with gay-related immune deficiency. AIDS was never gay related to immune deficiency.  So, there is no natural virus.”

People argue that “there’s no such thing as a virus.” There are viruses, Dr. Mikovits said, “they’re little bioweapons that they created and it’s always been, since 1980, infection by injection … This is a 40-year bioweapons programme by Tony Fauci.  They were created in Fort Detrick in full collaboration with the Russians, with China, with Japan.”

The SARS-CoV-2 virus has been injected into people with every polio vaccine since it was created in 2004.  It was created in collaboration with Germany, the US and China.  Before 2020, it was labelled as the common cold, Dr. Mikovits explained. “It’s been exacerbated by every flu shot … it was clear from the Wolfe paper in 2020 that everybody who got a flu shot … between 2017 and 2019 was 36% more likely to be diagnosed with covid,” she said. “The flu shot [in 2017/8] drove this [covid pandemic].”

SARS-CoV-2 is not a coronavirus, Dr. Mikovits said.

“It’s part AIDS, part syncytin and snake venom, and part SARS. That was what was weaponized and created in 2004.”

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I don’t think it’s a coincidence that all of a sudden the controversy over the origin of COVID is making headlines. First, it is presumptuously called the “lab leak” theory, to deflect the fact it very well could have been intentionally released. And second, ‘the powers that be’ don’t address envenomation at all – in short, making it appear as if only tin-foil hat wearing people will consider this detail.  And lastly, China is considering selling weapons to Russia, and ‘the powers that be’ simply can not have that happen.  Pinning COVID entirely on China would make them the ‘bad guys’ and deflect the USA’s role.

Further reading: From Snakes to Spike Protein to Injections; Some Things to Consider

See this video with Dr. Braun, a U.S. National Counterterrorism & EMS Advisor and Trainer, Chief Scientist, CounterBioterrorism Division, BioChem Engineering, Executive Director of the Violence Prevention Agency, and Clinical Psychologist.  He researched and discovered the hypothesis that the origin of COVID 19 was snake venom, before Dr. Ardis, who was in the chilling documentary Watch the Water.  Here is Braun’s letter to the FBI stating that the primary destructive mechanism of SARS2 and the S-Protein is an envenomation.  He also appeared on the Stew Peters Show to explain this.

Similarly to the virus, no virus controversy, there has been controversy over the hypothesis that origin of COVID is actually snake venom.

“All we have to do is never take another shot, [not] anyone … and they can’t deploy anything else on you.” Dr. Judy Mikovitz

Now, at least three experts have stated that COVID is at least part snake venom.

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