Back from Lyme disease, disc golfing champ has some advice for you

Ricky Wysocki, currently the number-one professional disc golf player in the world, was bitten by a tick and diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2019. This landed him bedridden for months.

After journeying back to recovery, Wysocki has partnered with Insect Shield to spread awareness about the dangers of ticks and the importance of taking preventative measures to avoid tick bites.

Ticks can now be found in all 50 states and around the world and the number of Lyme disease cases in the United States continues to skyrocket. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, insurance records suggest that each year approximately 476,000 Americans are diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease. This places a large burden on the health care system and shows a dire need for more effective education and prevention tactics.

For disc golfers, the risk of tick attachments is very high during play. Disc golf courses often have increased tick populations due to their natural environments including tall grasses, bushes, and wooded zones where ticks thrive.

In these environments, ticks can easily attach to skin and clothing. Gear can also pose a risk. Disc golfers carry gear bags and place them on the ground as they move throughout a course.

This practice also increases the risk of tick attachments after the bag has touched the ground and then is picked back up and carried.

Power loss

Several months following the tick bite, Wysocki began to experience symptoms such as fatigue, power loss in his shots, and rashes. A blood test confirmed his Lyme disease diagnosis.

“To go from being a pro athlete to getting diagnosed with Lyme disease, exhausted, barely able to walk, and ultimately bedridden and wondering if I would ever play disc golf at my peak level again, was crazy,” shares Wysocki.

To stay protected on the course while playing disc golf, Wysocki leverages Insect Shield essentials and offers a series of tips:

For more information about how to stay protected from ticks and the dangerous diseases they may carry on the disc golf course, visit Ricky Wysocki – Insect Shield.


Watch the educational video Wysocki made with Insect Shield:

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Everyone and their brother knows that avoiding ticks and not getting infected in the first place is the optimal solution, yet similarly to ivermectin and HCQ/zinc treatments for COVID, our own government stands in the way of progress and true answers.  Due to severe conflicts of interests and corruption in pubic health, they continue to deny the public the exact things that would help.

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