“Acceptable Adverse Event Profile?” At Six Months Follow-Up, the Pfizer-Vaccinated Had a 46% Increase in Mortality Compared to the Placebo Group

Of course they then vaccinated the placebo group.

The patients in the BNT162b2 (Pfizer) vaccine trial (Funded by BioNTech and Pfizer; number, NCT04368728) were followed up to assess health outcomes.

From their data, 20 of 20,334 (98 per 100K) who received both doses of their experimental mRNA jab died.

In the placebo group, 14 out of 20794 (67 per 100K) had died.

The ratio 98/67 = 146; thus, 46% increase risk of all-cause death in the vaccinated compared to placebo.

The authors nevertheless concluded:

“Through 6 months of follow-up and despite a gradual decline in vaccine efficacy, BNT162b2 had a favorable safety profile”.

and then

“BNT162b2 continued to be safe and have an acceptable adverse-event profile.”

This is on you, #NEJM. And on you, Pfizer. And on you, FDA.

And on you, the authors of the study.

Also from the study, in case any Attorneys General read #PopularRationalism:

“The authors’ full names, academic degrees, and affiliations are listed in the Appendix. Dr. Dormitzer can be contacted at or at Pfizer, 401 N. Middletown Rd., Pearl River, NY 10965.”

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Excess Deaths in 30 Countries

Dr. John Campbell

Jan. 26, 2023

“We can say definitively that for pretty well seven months now in the UK, excess deaths have been increasing….This demands an explanation.  And we are not getting one.  We hear nothing from the Chief Medical officer.  We hear nothing from the Chief Scientific Officer, we hear nothing from Prime Minister, and we hear essentially nothing from national media, it’s left to eccentrics in their back room to try and publicize the fact that thousands of people extra are dying every week in my country and probably in your country as well. ~ Dr. John Campbell

UK Prevalence

  • 2.61% in England (1 in 40 people)
  • 3.94% in Wales (1 in 25 people)
  • 4.22% in Northern Ireland (1 in 25 people)
  • 3.26% in Scotland (1 in 30 people)

Deaths and excess deaths (W/E week 13th January 2023) A total of 19,916 deaths were registered in the UK 20.4% above the five-year average.

UK to End COVID Booster Program for Healthy People Under 50 in Shift to ‘Post-Pandemic Life’

The U.K. said Wednesday it will no longer recommend COVID-19 boosters for healthy people under age 50 and will discontinue free distribution of the primary two-shot series.

The U.K. will no longer recommend COVID-19 boosters for healthy people under age 50, and will discontinue free distribution of the primary two-shot series, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) announced Wednesday.

The policy change comes as the U.K. government shifts away from its “pandemic emergency response,” The Telegraph reported. The Daily Mail characterized the changes as a sign the country is “settl[ing] into post-pandemic life.”

The U.K.’s autumn COVID-19 booster drive for those over 50 will end Feb. 12, according to the UKHSA, along with its booster offer for 16- to 49-year-olds who are not in a clinical risk group.

The agency cited “dwindling uptake” of the primary series and booster, which up until now were available to healthy people ages 16 to 49, in its decision to end “its evergreen offer,” according to The Telegraph.

This announcement came one day after Esther McVey, a member of the UK Parliament with the Conservative Party, called for an urgent and thorough investigation into excess deaths while speaking in parliament.

British cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra, who recently “truthbombed” the BBC during a live appearance telling viewers the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines pose a cardiovascular risk, welcomed the changes. He tweeted:

Some other European countries, including Denmark, already ended their universal COVID-19 vaccination campaigns for healthy individuals.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today is meeting to discuss a new vaccination schedule wherein adults would be vaccinated once a year to “stay protected” against COVID-19.

(See link for article)



Please remember that the CDC recommended the bivalent boosters without any clinical trial data.

When people finally discover that Western Media is owned by three global news agencies that are heavily used by intelligence agencies and defense ministries that have more than 27,000 PR specialists with an annual propaganda budget of nearly $5 BILLION, all spouting the accepted narrative, and actually refuse the spin about the COVID gene therapy injections, ‘the powers that be’ will make moves similar to the one being made in the UK: simply stop recommending the shot due to “dwindling uptake,” exactly like when they pulled Lymerix, the vaccine for Lyme disease that maimed a bunch of people, but cited “lack of demand,” as the reason.

It’s ingenious PR.

If our corrupt public health ‘authorities’ were only half as good with science as they are with public relations and propaganda – they’d actually be respectable.

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