Delicious Ways to Reduce Pain

Delicious Ways to Reduce Pain

The Power of Food for Pain Relief

The power of food to prevent and treat disease is vastly underestimated by both patients and physicians. This is no accident. Ever since the passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994, it has been a federal crime for food or supplement producers to make any claims about the health benefits of their products. Under the DSHEA, if a health claim is made for a food, that claim classifies it as a drug that requires FDA approval. Offenders can face prison terms equivalent to a life sentence. The sale of the products can be prohibited, and the products can be seized and destroyed. Few, if any, food or supplement producers can afford the hundreds of millions of dollars it costs to get drug approval. When a producer makes health claims for nutritional products, it’s a crime regardless of whether the information is true or is supported by scientific evidence. At the same time, pharmaceutical companies are free to promote their products, leading consumers to believe that the only treatments that are effective are pharmaceuticals.

The truth is that many foods contain powerful, health-enhancing ingredients that are scientifically validated to prevent and treat many chronic health conditions, including chronic pain. And many of these foods are very delicious. You can enhance your health and reduce your pain while enjoying delectable dishes that include cherries, blueberries, chocolate (my personal favorite), salmon and ginger, just to name a few. Read on to learn more. I’ve even included some recipes. (See link for article)



This article brings up an important point many are unaware of: our federal government is a captured agency that functions as a business that is actively using its vast power (paid for by us) to push anything it deems competition out of the way.  They have done this repeatedly with homeopathy, compounded medications, and supplements, and now they are attacking food.  The ‘powers that be’ want us eating insects, lab-grown meat, and whatever expensive, unnatural patented products they create that yield them high profits. Then, they plan on “vaccinating” plants for their diseases, animals to “sanitize the food supply,” and then “vaccinating” us through these “vaccinated,” unnatural foods which will also yield them incredible profits while leaving us all sick.  This, in turn will cause many to turn to Big Pharma for their magic remedy, which will also be lucrative.  It’s a monopoly that that has become a dangerous, tyrannical monolith affecting all of society – which must be broken.

This is the new normal and is a true war on food unless we refuse to go along with the dystopia. 

Having struggled with significant pain myself, I’ve come to learn about the importance of food in healing – particularly with regard to inflammation, detoxing, and nutrition.  A real, whole food diet is a requirement for health.  It should come as no surprise that our corrupt, power-hungry agencies are now attacking this as well.

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