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Nov. 2021

Although a year old, this information is crucial to consider regarding treatment as borrelia is pleomorphic making it harder to kill.
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  •  Lewis’ team started by killing Borrelia (the causative agent of Lyme Disease) with antibiotics and waiting three weeks.  He expected and found that persisters remained.  He found this promising as it helps explain why many continue to have symptoms. He tried numerous things against the persisters – all of which failed, until they focused on Borrelia’s weakness:  it doesn’t develop antibiotic resistant “superbugs.”  From this conclusion they decided to manipulate dosing by killing the Borrelia, waiting, and then going back and hitting them again.  After doing this four times, the researchers discovered no bacteria in the petri dishes.

    Lewis is the first to admit that this was only in a test tube, but they are planning to work on studies with animals and humans.

  •  Lewis’ finding is what Dr. Burrascano discovered clinically with himself and many of his patients:  While this article focuses primarily on why Lyme research has been fruitless (poor study design for predetermined outcomes), it also summarizes an important video on the history of Lyme disease by Dr. Burrascano.  In it, he details how he discovered that “cycling” worked on many patients (but not all).  All of this is completely ignored by mainstream medicine/research and frankly many LLMD’s are not savvy to this information either.
  •  This article includes numerous treatments (including natural products) by Lyme literate doctors.  It serves as a spring-board to educate patients on the complexities facing them.  It has been my experience that patient involvement is required with this “do it yourself” complex disease(s).  While LLMD’s are trained by ILADS and are experts in the body, you are an expert in your body and there is much to learn and know and even then, experimentation is often required as each case is completely different.
  •  I recommend reading/watching anything put out by Dr. McDonald, a pathologist who has done ground breaking research.
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