Monkeypox treatments and vaccines shipped to states as U.S. cases rise

June 3, 2022

Herb Scribner


The U.S. government is shipping drugs and vaccines to combat the monkeypox virus to eight states that have requested them, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials said in a briefing Friday.

Driving the news: There have been at least 20 cases of monkeypox in the United States across 11 states, and those numbers are expected to rise, the CDC said.

  • States have received the Jynneos vaccine, which is given to prevent monkeypox and smallpox.
  • Officials said one state asked for the ACAM2000 vaccine, which is distributed post-exposure. (This is an older generation vaccine that comes with significant side-effects including myocarditis and pericarditis in 1 in 175 adults. Please also note these are side-effects caused by the COVID injections as well.)
    • Serious health problems, including those that are life-threatening, can also occur in unvaccinated people who are accidentally infected by someone who has recently received the vaccine. In particular, unvaccinated people who are pregnant, or have problems with their heart or immune system, or have skin problems like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and have close contact with a vaccine recipient are at an increased risk for serious problems if they become infected with the vaccine virus, either by being vaccinated, or by being in close contact with a person who was vaccinated. It is very important for the ACAM2000 recipient to properly care for the vaccination site to prevent the virus in the vaccine from spreading and infecting another part of the body and other people.



I read the story twice and could not find the “drugs” or “treatments” mentioned but only “vaccines,” the new supposed magic bullet cure for all disease being peddled by our government:

  • that has a cozy relationship with Sanofi, the patent holder of ACAM2000 and who also just happens to be one of the companies selected for Operation Warp Speed that supplies the U.S. government with COVID shots and who received $2.1 BILLION for development.
  • that conveniently gave $44 MILLION in 2019 to Bavarian Nordic, the company the Jynneos vaccine has been a part of since 2021, and who has a “long-standing collaboration with the U.S. government.”  Additional options on the contract are valued at $180 MILLION.

Many are even questioning whether this is truly monkeypox or in fact shingles which is a known side-effect of the COVID “vaccines” and the fact there’s been a sudden 5,000% increase in shingles which can hardly be coincidental. 


Smallpox vaccine to prevent monkeypox (MONEYpox) could cause global smallpox (vaccinia) epidemic; I warn, don’t be stupid, understand you have damaged immune systems of (b)illions with COVID vaccines

Experts are saying smallpox vax 85% effective in monkey pox; this is NOT good news, for millions/billions are now immunocompromised from COVID vax; CDC sounds alarm for gay-bisexual men

Important excerpts:

COVID vaccinated persons have depressed subverted immune systems (documented) and thus are at risk for latent and existing pathogen (and cancers), that would not have infected them prior. Very valid to conjecture on this that it is the COVID vaccine and what it has done immune system wise, that has caused monkey pox to emerge in Europe and North America. COVID vaccinated persons could be at dramatic risk to monkeypox and a host of other pathogen/virus.

Next, it is true that persons under 40 years old do not have the smallpox vaccine (a vaccine that has had a questionable history as to safety), yet the real issue is the catastrophic outcome should we vaccinate millions and millions with smallpox vaccine who have subverted immune systems now due the the sub-optimal non-sterilizing COVID vaccine. I warn, by taking people who have compromised immunity as are COVID vaccinated persons (e.g. increased risk of infection and are getting infected post vaccine), and as such immunocompromised, and you give them the smallpox vaccine for monkeypox (orthopoxvirus) prevention, you could create devastation.

The smallpox vaccine can potentially then drive cases of smallpox as well as vaccinia in subverted immunity, immunocompromised COVID vaccinated persons, including among young people and children. This is at present a theoretical risk, but can become a reality if how I explained it above is so.

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