Nearly 15 PER CENT of world has Lyme disease, according to first global estimate

  • 900 Britons and 30,000 Americans are diagnosed with Lyme disease annually
  • Experts say figures are an underestimate and not clear how common globally
  • Now, researchers estimate 14.5% people worldwide have had the condition

Up to one in seven people worldwide may have had Lyme disease, according to new estimates.

For decades, researchers have been clueless as to exactly how widespread the tick-borne illness was.

The new findings could open up avenues to tackle the bacterial infection, which can cause sufferers symptoms such as headaches, muscle and joint pain and fatigue that can last for years.

Singer Justin Bieber and model Bella Hadid are just two celebrities who have spoken out about their plight with Lyme.

Academics from China examined blood sample data from studies involving 150,000 people.
Results showed 14.5 per cent had antibodies indicating Lyme disease.

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  • Chinese researchers utilized previous studies that relied upon antibody blood test results.  It is commonly known to everyone that these tests are completely unreliable and miss a preponderance of cases, therefore all numbers are a complete stab in the dark.  Further, a third of the studies only used one type of test to confirm a diagnosis.
  • Blood testing can not confirm whether a person is currently infected or has been previously.
  • The authors state some of the studies used were conducted in endemic regions and may over-estimate cases, but please remember they used faulty testing rendering ALL numbers essentially meaningless. 
  • They recommend a global “standard” testing method to confirm cases, which in my opinion, if done would only doom even more patients to a lifetime of suffering. Current CDC 2-tiered testing already misses anywhere from 70-86% or more of cases. Due to CDC conflicts of interest in owning patents on testing, vaccines, and more, mainstream doctors and organizations vilify CLIA-certified labs which are more sensitive because they compete with CDC testing.
  • Pushing a “global”, centralized approach to medicine is not the answer.  Lyme/MSIDS has been in a juggernaut for over 40 years due to a literal Cabal controlling the research, and conflict-riddled public health ‘authorities’ only doling out research money to those who tout the accepted narrative. So, no, we do not want a global testing”standard” or any medical monopoly. 
Patients and the doctors who dare treat them need MORE choices not less.
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