Let’s review the facts:
The abrupt about-face has caused many to speculate that the narrative is crumbling, and there is a scheduled end to the ‘pandemic,’
Some more facts:
  • COVID injections have utterly failed to stop transmission and infection.
  • The promise of COVID injections lessening severity and death is also a ruse as countries adopting mass ‘vaccination’ campaigns have been hit hardest with severe COVID.
  • The COVID shots have caused enhancement of variants, are dragging out the ‘pandemic,’ and have caused ADE, and more adverse reactions and death than another other vaccine in the history of VAERS.
  • Boosters wane quickly with steeply declining protection against emergency department visits as well as hospitalization during Omicron, proving they don’t lessen severity.
  • Warnings on boosters, with an health agency stating it looks like they lower the immune system.
Yet, despite these facts, the ‘powers that be’ are hell-bent on getting these experimental, fast-tracked injections into the arms of babies and children.

In light of these facts, the important question to ask is why?

Regarding children, a study by the CDC shows hospitalizations among children during the ‘pandemic’ actually declined. 

The study split the children into three age groups:

  • 0-4, overall ER visits decreased by 51% during 2020, 2021, and 2022 compared with 2019
  • 5-11 overall ER visits decreased by 22%
  • 12-17 overall ER visits decreased by 23%

Important points:

“COVID-19 visits predominated across all pediatric ages; visits for other respiratory illnesses mostly declined. Number and proportion of visits increased for certain injuries (e.g., firearm injuries, self-harm, and drug poisonings), some chronic diseases, and behavioral health concerns, with variations by age group.”

So once again, we are talking about collateral damage caused by lockdowns, not COVID.

Also important to note is that concerns about higher COVID-19 hospital admissions have been refuted.  Even Fauci, White House pandemic adviser, stated that COVID-19 cases among children were being overcounted at hospitals as kids are automatically tested when they are admitted. And the COVID PCR yields notoriously high false positive rates.  COVID is over counted everywhere.  Our corrupt government health authorities are guilty of committing egregious errors in counting COVID  cases and deaths.

In December 2021, Pfizer announced the 2-dose series wasn’t successful and did not provide immunity in 2-5 year olds, and they began trials for a 3-dose series. Despite this failure, the FDA asked Pfizer to submit an application for authorization in this age group.  Even former FDA Commissioner and current Pfizer board member, Scott Gottlieb, admits not enough children under five have COVID to even test the “vaccine.”  What does that tell you?  Interestingly, Gottlieb was not interviewed as a guest, but as a “CNBC contributor,” which means he also works for corporate media, demonstrating yet again the revolving door between public health, Big Pharma, and mainstream media.  But, damn the torpedoes, it’s full-speed ahead!

This means VRBPAC will be voting on authorization for a vaccine in our youngest, most vulnerable children already knowing it is not effective, and without safety data.

Eric Rubin, a member of the FDA’s reviewing committee said this was “very unusual” and that “FDA doesn’t seem to be immune to political pressures.” Jeffrey Zientz, White House Covid-19 Response Coordinator told the press the administration is ready to “hit the ground running” to vaccinate infants and toddlers as soon as they get the authorization.

Why the jab when, according to data published by the CDC, 99.99815% of children who contract COVID-19 survive. And, children are not even the spreaders. There are no long-term safety studies for this age group, or any age group, for the mRNA covid vaccines because the placebo group was “unblinded” and allowed to get the vaccine. Plus there are 36,167 adverse events reported to VAERS as of February 4, 2022 in children under 18. Source

Besides the fact there is NO emergency in this age group, and even Fauci admitting that hospitalizations attributed to COVID in kids are probably not due to COVID, the likelihood that the injections will prevent a SINGLE case of COVID-19 in adults is nearly ZERO.

Go here to listen to what an Israeli immunologist recently wrote in an open letter which states authorities have “failed miserably,” by not acknowledging that young people have a very low risk regarding COVID. Another Israeli scientist said a research paper she wrote on serious adverse reactions to the injections was squashed.

So up until now, the FDA has illegally approved all other Pfizer COVID-19 “vaccines” by simply rubber-stamping Pfizer’s own data which is hidden from the public, and recently Pfizer quietly added language warning that ‘unfavorable preclinical, clinical, or safety data’ may impact business. As Zerohedge points out, Pfizer which just forecast $54 billion for 2022 sales, appears to be anticipating some bad news and that bad news centers around disclosures of unfavorable safety data. It also probably doesn’t help that a whistleblower is pressing forward with a lawsuit against Pfizer despite the U.S. government declining to investigate the matter. It too centers around lack of safety, adverse events either not being reported correctly or being reported at all, and informed consent errors – among other things.

Dr. Weiler states that there have been a number of important breaches of ethical and legal standards involved in the activities to render the data being considered by the FDA including:

  • it is illegal to conduct medical experiments and enroll people in a clinical trial unless there is a direct potential personal benefit to them via their participation. Children do not benefit from COVID injections, and the FDA’s risk-benefit assessment was deeply flawed:
    • it failed to account for the large proportion of children who already had COVID, recovered, and have natural immunity which is superior to ‘vaccine’ induced immunity, which an FDA senior advisor admitted would result in a 45% reduction of all the benefits in the FDA’s risk-benefit analyses
    • using the FDA’s risk-benefit analysis and conservatively adjusting for those with natural immunity, the risk of hospitalization from ‘vaccine’ related heart inflammation in 5 to 11 year-old boys is greater than the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations prevented by vaccination.
    • while 118 hospitalizations are prevented by ‘vaccination’, this is at the risk of 156 vaccine related myopericarditis hospitalizations, for 5-11-year-old boys.
    • a Kaiser Permanente study found the actual myopericarditis incidence rate to be 208 cases per million children vaccinated, not the FDA’s usage of 106
    • the FDA used pediatric hospitalization rates as a marker for disease severity in children when a Stanford University study found that 45% of pediatric COVID-19 hospital admissions were unlikely to have been caused by SARS-CoV-2, and a CDC medical officer stated approximately 19% of younger children who were classified as COVID-19 hospital admissions were not primarily hospitalized due to COVID-19, yet the FDA did not adjust their assessment.
    • rather than using a weekly average COVID hospitalization rate since the start of the ‘pandemic’ the FDA used an arbitrary average of the four weeks prior to Sept. 11, 2021, resulting in a COVID-19 hospitalization rate of approximately 0.74 per 100,000 children, which is nearly double the average COVID-19 hospitalization rate of 0.4 per 100,000 children, further skewing the FDA’s risk-benefit analysis in favor of ‘vaccination’.
    • the FDA assumed a constant injection efficacy over 6 months, when it is well established effectiveness rapidly declines with one study showing a drop below 50% effectiveness after just five months.
    • FDA did not account for boosters after five months – each of which carries an additional risk of adverse events.
    • FDA only accounted for myocarditis/pericarditis risks following injections and didn’t account for anaphylaxis, Bell’s palsy, lymphadenopathy, among others.
    • data out of the UK has shown that individuals previously infected are more likely to experience systemic side-effects following COVID-19 vaccination.
    • FDA estimates that ‘vaccinating’ 1 million 5-11 year olds would prevent ONE COVID death, which would cost $39 million.
    • Sweden decided against recommending COVID-19 shots for children 5-11 years old as the benefits do not outweigh the risks.
    • Norway and the U.K. only recommend – not require- the jabs for high risk 5-11 year olds.
    • Netherlands and Norway admit children may not benefit from shots if they’ve already recovered from infection.
    • Experts admit COVID will be with us indefinitely.
  • post-EDU vaccine adverse event surveillance is a form of clinical research, and parents will not be provided, as required under the Common Rule and the rest of US 45-CFR-46, the opportunity to decline on the basis of refusal to participate in medical experimentation on their children.
  • If EUA is obtained, millions of children will be ‘vaccinated’ based on data from a scant 2 months of safety follow-up.
  • causality on post EUA ‘vaccine’ adverse events and deaths will be denied due to design, and not all events will be reported as there are no penalties for failing to report them.
  • studies that led to EUA for COVID shots for adults skipped Phase 2 trials, and the study for children combined all phases into one preventing the generation of data confirming prior adverse events found in the separate phases.
  • those injured or killed following the injections will not be able to file for compensation. HHS is both the defendant and the administrator, a clear violation of the separations of powers doctrine of the constitution and will provide testimony arguing against EACH and EVERY single case of which no participants will be able to access to cite precedent, including testimony and rulings from other cases. 
  • those suffering adverse reactions or death will have 12 months to link it to the injections and to file to the CICP for a “request for benefits” package, while Pfizer gets away with using just 2 months of follow-up for safety, and of course will not be liable for any damage.
  • Weiler states he’s had a peak at leaked data and is concerned:
    • they will not consider absolute risk reduction
    • about the continued futile use of injections that target extinct variants are linked to the easier spread of the virus from cell to cell in injected individuals
    •  they will arbitrarily subdivide subjective age groups to give more impressive results
    • they will use evidence of ‘immunity’ restricted to antibody production, when it is not indicative of long-term immunity, as well as the possibility of pathogenic priming

In January, 2022, parents in Switzerland protested over the deaths of their children from the Pfizer shots, and the U.K.’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) has shown that children in England and Wales who have been fully “vaccinated” with Pfizer’s mRNA COVID shot are 5,105% more likely to die from ANY cause afterward.

This is important to understand regarding ANY children, but particularly those infected with Lyme/MSIDS, have autism, or other immune dysfunctions. These children are in harms way, yet the current “top down” federal “one size fits all” approach to medicine and vaccination is killing the most vulnerable.

California lawmakers appear to agree with DHS that those opposing experimental COVID injections are “domestic terrorists,” and “steps” should be taken to deal with them. Further, California lawmakers are underhandedly fast-tracking several child ‘health’ bills that will further erode parental rights and medical freedom if passed. CA already has a mandate for children over 12, which will begin once the shots receive full approval. Bill #1 below will go much further by requiring every child K-12 to be “vaccinated” while the shots are still under EUA.

  1. forced COVID shots for school enrollment. The unvaxxed will be forced into remote learning.
  2. allowing minors to make their own ‘vaccine’ decisions without parental knowledge
  3. health care staff must complete cultural humility training, mandating a ‘refresher training course’ if they offend someone, and imposes sanctions for non-compliance

According to Karen England, Executive Director of the Capital resource Institute, these bills dismantle Constitutional rights.  She states California is treating parents like the enemy as a co-parent in a divorce, where government is the parent with custody, and parents are the visiting parent who has little say in decisions. 

Epidemiologists in an op-ed saidKids Deserve medical care driven by facts, not politics,’ and that mandating COVID shots for kids is not supported by scientific evidence and will cause more harm than good.

If you care about medical freedom, and the overbearing high-pressured sales job pushing COVID injections upon children despite all available scientific evidence, please sign and share this petition.

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