Doctors at “Defeat the Mandates” Rally Offer Hope and Advice Regarding COVID
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Defeat the Mandates Rally in Washington, D.C.

Some of the nation’s top non-establishment doctors and scientists spoke at the “Defeat the Mandates – An American Homecoming” rally in Washington, D.C., Sunday. They present a united front in opposition to COVID vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, vaccination of children and medical censorship. These experts told The New American that the United States medical authorities charged with managing the COVID-19 pandemic are on an ineffective and dangerous path that is needlessly taking hundreds of thousands of American lives.

Drs. Pierre Kory and Paul Marik, practicing physicians and COVID early treatment pioneers from the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, joined Drs. Peter McCullough, Ryan Cole, Paul Alexander, Richard Urso, and others to warn Americans against living in fear of the 100-percent curable disease and offer them hope. While describing the safety and efficacy of the cheap and widely available early treatments and prophylactics, the doctors cautioned against using the experimental vaccines and boosters that are covered by liability protection laws and shoddily tested. (See link for article and details)

Summary of advice from the physicians:

  1. Don’t be afraid of COVID.
  2. The most effective protection against COVID is your own immune system.
  3. Practice easy prophylaxis and basic hygiene.
  4. Early treatments work.
  5. Remdesivir prescribed to COVID patients is harmful.
  6. Vaccines are not safe.
  7. Vaccines are not effective.
  8. Children should not be vaccinated, period.
  9. Americans should reject unsubstantiated measures such as lockdowns, masking, social distancing, and experimental vaccines, and above all, should stop living in fear.
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