Federal court dismisses Lyme lawsuit against IDSA

Sept. 30, 2021

From journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer on Facebook:

Torrey v. IDSA update: I am saddened to report that the lawsuit on behalf Lyme disease patients has been dismissed in federal court in Texas.

Below is an excerpt from the court’s recent ruling dismissing the claim that IDSA had violated the Sherman Anti-Trust Act; the court had earlier dismissed the claim under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

The excerpt sums up the case outcome. In the ultimate ruling, which was just unsealed, the judge wrote these fateful words: “…Plaintiffs have not pled claims for relief that are plausible on their face…” In other words, a case had not been made that the Infectious Diseases Society of America had unjustly acted to deny care to Lyme disease patients.

On a positive note, I am told that an appeal will be filed to overturn the dismissal. This is an indication that the attorneys, who are working without pay, believe the case has merit and promise.

After all, eight insurance companies named as defendants settled the lawsuit. The appeal will take at least a year to be heard, perhaps two. I know many people had great faith in this lawsuit. I am sorry to dash hopes for legal redress.

But there are other developments — in the research, advocacy and governmental arena — that should give some solace. I will write about those soon. For now, I am reviewing the case documents and will post them on my website in a day or two. You can also find other documents there and articles on what the case sought to accomplish.

 Click here to see court filings and other history of this case.



No shock here. 

One must remain hopeful and always try, but the CDC is currently getting away with murder regarding COVID on the world’s stage.  They’ve gotten away with murder for over 40 years with Lyme/MSIDS.

If you have trouble accepting the fact the CDC is completely corruptWonder no more.

This organization expertly manipulates, weaponizes, and obscures data, rejects research or anything not created/endorced by its own organization or has vested interests in, and  quietly updates information rather than being transparent.

The CDC has been caught numerous times giving false information.

We should no longer be shocked.
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