Approximately 70 people die from COVID “vaccines” every day in America – VAERS data

09/15/2021 / By Lance D Johnson
Approximately 70 people die from COVID vaccines every day in America – VAERS data

The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) is exploding with vaccine injuries, at a rate never seen before. The number of injuries and deaths from these vaccines is so immense, all prior vaccine injury data over the past two decades pales in comparison to the carnage observed in 2021.

The government’s passive vaccine injury surveillance system has logged over 675,000 adverse reactions from the vaccines in just eight short months. If these medical issues were divvied up among the roughly 17,000 hospitals in the United States, there have been roughly 40 COVID vaccine injuries for every hospital in the nation.

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  • hospital systems around the country are purging healthy “unvaccinated” employees from their ranks, creating an artificial bed shortage.
  • hundreds of thousands of medical issues are reported in the vaccinated test subjects, but there aren’t enough nurses and doctors to deal with all the issues caused by the COVID shots.
  • 675,000 adverse events reported to VAERS does NOT include all the other adverse events that are misdiagnosed as something else, not reported, normalized or ignored.
  • historically only 1% of injuries are reported to VAERS.

VAX ATTACKS: Singapore seeing chronic illness explosion after reaching 81 percent vaccination rate

09/15/2021 / By Ethan Huff
VAX ATTACKS: Singapore seeing chronic illness explosion after reaching 81 percent vaccination rate

A massive spike in new “cases” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) has struck Singapore, one of the most “fully vaccinated” countries on earth with about an 81 percent compliance rate, according to the latest data.

Surging infections due to mass injection are stymieing efforts to reopen the country as “fully vaccinated” residents flood hospitals in desperate need of oxygen and other treatments.

Over the weekend, the number of patients requiring oxygen in Singapore doubled, showing that the injections they call “vaccines” are failing to provide the promised protection against Chinese Germs.  (See link for article)



Meanwhile, corrupt public officials and a complicit mainstream media are spinning the narrative that it’s a pandemic of the “unvaccinated.”  They are also rejecting natural immunity when at least 15 studies as well as history show it to be more effective than vaccines. They are also thwarting cheap, effective treatment for COVID as that stands in the way of jabbing a needle in every arm. 

Important excerpt:

Ironic is the fact that the plandemic would have long been done and over with had everyone just said no to vaccination. Thanks to the “vaccinated”, we now have variant after variant spreading around unfettered, leaving in its wake misery, suffering and death.

In fact, in April of 2020, an epidemiologist stated the coronavirus would be exterminated if the lockdown was lifted.  Doctors for COVID Ethics state these gene-therapy injections are ‘unnecessary, ineffective, and dangerous.”

And we can thank Sweden for being the placebo in this mad-scientist, evil experiment as they didn’t lockdown, or force masks upon its citizens, yet has lately enjoyed ZERO COVID deaths.  We can also thank Uttar Pradesh, India, which has about 70% of the U.S. population, for choosing to authorize ivermectin for those testing positive, for their primary contacts and for health care workers. Ivermectin brought COVID deaths down to ZERO. 

And we can learn from the mistakes of Israel and Australia who have a large population of fully “vaccinated” patients who are hospitalized and even die from severe COVID.


RESEARCHERS: Jab Kills At Least 5 Times More Than Covid, So Why Are We Vaccinating Kids?

View the full study published in Toxicology Reports here.

A new study published by an international team of researchers proposes that the weight of evidence is AGAINST vaccinating children with experimental and sometimes lethal COVID-19 vaccines when the risks to their health far outweigh their purported benefits.  (See link for article)

Also, watch this brief video with attorney Tom Renz who has filed a temporary restraining order (TRO) for COVID injections in kids under 16.  It is against the law to experiment on kids without doing a risk-benefit analysis.  According to CDC statistics there is ZERO statistical risk in children for COVID.

According to UK Dr. Cole, the COVID jab is 6 times as deadly to boys as COVID-19 – an appalling risk benefit fail.

“Any doctor, teacher, or health care worker promoting the COVID jab to children should be arrested for attempted murder.” – Dr. Cole
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