Author of new book on Lyme disease says there are lessons in COVID-19 pandemic

St. Stephen journalist’s book Lyme Disease in Canada shows the frustration of Lyme patients

Black-legged ticks, also known as deer ticks, are the species tick species most likely to carry Lyme disease. (Submitted by Vett Lloyd)

When science writer and journalist Brian Owens was approached by a publisher to write a book about Lyme disease, he was soon struck by how the history of the disease had some parallels to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The St. Stephen resident set out to write a resource guide to the tick-borne disease, but writing the book in the midst of the global outbreak brought a new perspective on his subject.

“There kept being reasons to mention COVID, beyond just marketing,” Owens said in an interview from his home.

And while the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t the focus of the book Lyme Disease in Canada, Owens said there are lessons from the past 18 months that could help people battling Lyme disease.  (See link for article)



A few points:

  • While the author states people struggle to get diagnosed and treated, he also states it’s “changing.”  I would disagree.  Very little has in fact changed, except more and more people are getting infected.
  • He points out that there is a completely different attitude by the public health community regarding people with long-term COVID, as they are immediately taken seriously, and are seen as partners, unlike long-term Lyme/MSIDS patients.
  • The author and a tick researcher in the article think the “effectiveness of COVID ‘vaccines’ could create more interest in a Lyme vaccine.” They obviously haven’t read anything but vaccine manufacturer propaganda as these COVID injections which aren’t vaccines aren’t effective at allBreak-through infections are only rising and more and more are dying from COVID that are fully “vaccinated.”
  • The author states that the previous Lyme vaccine was a “victim of strong anti-vaccine” reaction and that the company pulled it because it wasn’t profitable.  Again, he must have missed the details of thousands of people struggling with debilitating Lyme-like symptoms after this vaccine. (People to this day contact me explaining they are still suffering from the vaccine’s effects). A new jab is in the works.
  • The tick researcher predictably blames climate change for growing tick populations.  She must not be aware of her own countryman’s work that proves this tenet to be false.  Ticks are impervious to weather.
  • I won’t be buying this book.
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