Who Watches the Watchmen?


Who watches the watchmen? Fauci’s ‘noble lie,’ exposed

The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once wrote that truth goes through three stages:

First, it is ridiculed; second, it is violently opposed; and third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Guess what’s next for us?


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? — Who watches the watchers?

Six months ago, I began my first article on scientific censorship during COVID-19 by introducing Dr. Anthony Fauci as a surprise character who had emerged unexpectedly while I dug through what were then 83,000 FOIA emails, published by US Right-to-Know over the course of the last year: see files related to Ralph BaricLinda SaifRita ColwellColorado State/Rocky Mountain National Laboratory and the NCBI; other FOIA releases from Judicial Watch, BuzzFeed, and the Washington Post include NIH funding of the WIV and Dr. Fauci’s emails.

I’ve been trying for quite some time to get people to understand the full scope of the Dr. Fauci “situation,” but it’s clear that segments of our national leadership are preventing an honest and open inquiry into his actions because they fear the backlash or collateral damage that will result from the tarnishing of their sacred cow. It’s time Americans were told the truth: that the grant money sent to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) is merely a footnote in this narrative. After all, Dr. Fauci controls nearly $4 billion of annual grant funding for the NIAID, the institute within the NIH he has directed since 1984. Over 37 years, more than 50,000 research projects have been supported with more than $50 billion (conservatively) of taxpayer funds that have been doled out to them.  (See link for article)

This article has it all and is a “must read”.
The author created a COVID-19 website to speak to a broader audience to offer unfiltered information as he realizes COVID has been intensely politicalized, and that mainstream media has failed when they were needed most.

He also points out that Fauci:

  1. and the NIH are behind research and development of mRNA technology and drugs like remdesivir proving clear conflicts of interest that are ignored.
  2. is behind pushing these NIH-sponsoed inventions, while rejecting generic alternatives.
  3. has obfuscated data and censored public debate over the risk/benefit evidence on the COVID injections.
  4. continually changes his stance on masking, lockdowns, school closures and other issues based upon “reducing the accountability of cowardly officials, not the best interest of their constituents.”
  5. refuses to address blatant censorship of vaccine reaction data and blames skeptics for any future breakouts when the most likely cause is antibody dependent enhancement (ADE).

The author further points out that:

The same hubris and gaslighting in defense of “Science” has plagued every facet of our government’s response to COVID-19.

The author analyzed 00,000 pages of FOIA documents, 1,000-plus research articles, and his own published analysis of the impact of Fauci’s censorship, which was the first of its kind.

Highlights of article:

  • Fauci ensured scientific censorship was implemented to prevent public awareness of his role in gain of function research and its controversies.
  • Baric’s emails were lost amid 83,000 others but the take-away is that Peter Daszak, et al., conspired to shape the narrative.
  • This group of conspiring virologists hid their conflicts of interest, are still fighting tooth and nail to suppress information, and have expended more effort and publications in advancing their cover-up than in fighting the pandemic.
  • The signal was sent to all scientists that pursuing the lab origins angle meant career death (no academy membership), no funding (via Fauci or Ross or Farrar), no publication in the big four journals during the historic pandemic (NEJM, Science, The Lancet, and Nature — by virtue of their publishing of the tone-setting pieces), no executive patronage for things like generic drugs, etc.
  • The protection of Fauci is a “midterm election decision only, and that means the goal is to drag this out until the electoral damage can be mitigated.”
  • Recent congressional appearances by Fauci have shown that he is willing to drag this fight out forever in defense of his legacy, and many politicians are sympathetic to his plight.
  • The author includes specific questions that Fauci should be asked, that he recombines to a single thematic question: Why did the world’s leading virologists/microbiologists and top American/U.K. officials refrain from releasing their knowledge of the existence of the FCS when they first learned of it? The obvious conclusion is that they wanted to limit discussion during the early phase of their censorship.
The author is correct is stating that the only proper action is for Fauci to resign immediately and apologize for suppressing the extensive conflicts of interest, double standards, and political decisions masked as sound policy. 

Further, the paper “Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2,” one of the most-read (and potentially most impactful) pieces of scientific propaganda published in at least a generation should be retracted.

I also agree that the failures of of leadership are ethically and morally indefensible, and sufficient evidence already exists for Congress to do the right thing moving forward, and that it will take historic leadership to honestly converse with a righteously indignant citizenry (in the U.S. and everywhere else). 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This article details current historical research into COVID-19’s origins as part of the D.R.A.S.T.I.C. team of scientists, journalists, and researchers.

Recent news: D.R.A.S.T.I.C.’s research forms a large portion of the basis for investigations begun by the U.S. SenateHouse, and National Institutes of Health. Recent appearances and/or discussion on “60 Minutes,” “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Fox News, “Joe Rogan” (again)Bill Maher, and CNN.

All references for this and other articles are compiled under my research project The Arc of Inquiry Bends Towards Enlightenment. The files include my statistical analysis of the impact of censorship on the search for the origin of SARS-CoV-2.

More than 100,000 pages of FOIA documents referred to here have been condensed into 173 pages of the most relevant selections in my appendix Prometheus Shrugged. It was here, last February, that the role of Dr. Fauci in ongoing academic censorship of COVID’s origin was first exposed. A chronological narrative of the events described throughout my research will included in a forthcoming volume of D.R.A.S.T.I.C.’s set of published collections of evidence.

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