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Fox News commentator, Tucker Carlson, frequently reminds viewers that overall, he thinks vaccines are a good thing — but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have questions about COVID vaccines.

In fact, he has a lot of questions. And, he said, he should have the right to ask them.

In the segment below on last night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson said the U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) shows 3,362 Americans — or 30 people a day — died from the COVID vaccine between December 2020 and last month.

“More people, according to VAERS, have died after getting the shot in four months during a single vaccination campaign than from all other vaccines combined over more than a decade and a half,” said Carlson.

The number of deaths is likely much higher than what VAERS is reporting, Carlson said, citing reports submitted to the Department of Health and Human Services in 2010 that foundfewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported by the VAERS system.”

Carlson also mentioned in his segment:

  • Of all of the MENVEO vaccines given to prevent bacterial meningitis, only one person died from the vaccine between 2010 and  2015.
  • In 1976, 45 million Americans were vaccinated for H1N1. A total of 53 people died from the vaccine. The U.S. government halted the vaccination program because authorities decided it was too risky.
  • COVID vaccines have contributed to 8,000 hospitalizations in the U.S., according to VAERS.

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Carlson asked great questions that everyone should be asking and demanding answers to.

A few points:

  • While we keep being told that vast numbers have died from COVID, the CDC has purposely inflated case numbers, which means the numbers are essentially meaningless, similarly to the falsely skewed PCR test results based on faulty perimeters designed to give positives.  Historically the CDC only increases Lyme disease numbers when there’s a lucrative Lyme vaccine in the pipeline.
  • The CDC has a long, sordid history of quietly changing the rules for its own purposes, and COVID is no exception. As of August 23, 2020, the CDC reported 161,392 fatalities caused by COVID-19, but had the long-standing, original guidelines for death reporting been used, there would have only been 9,684 total fatalities due to COVID-19.  That’s a BIG discrepancy.
  • According to numerous expertsCovid deaths are primarily the consequences of unjustified re-classifications of other wintertime diseases into the “Covid-19” category, notably influenza and pneumonia.
  • The pressure to receive these experimental, fast-tracked EUA injections which don’t meet the legal definition of a “vaccine”, is astronomical and completely wrong. There are numerous excellent reasons to forego “vaccines” and medical treatments/devices. What we are seeing amounts to bullying on a national scale.  All medical decisions should be between you and your health care provider and frankly, isn’t anyone else’s businesses.
  • Besides the plethora of severe adverse reactions and deaths following these injections, is the fact many, many people are testing positive for COVID after receiving them. Questioning their effectiveness is only logical.
  • One must also question the underhanded way safety is being handled.
  • Many experts are giving serious warnings about these injections, and essentially state they are needless, ineffective and dangerous.  Further, they state that all gene-based vaccines can be expected to cause blood clotting and bleeding disorders.  They also point out the severe conflicts of interest in these organizations promoting “vaccines.”
  • Experts warn there is a risk of Prion disease with these injections.
  • Experts state there is no need for a COVID vaccine due to the effective treatments for it.  These treatments and the doctors giving the information are being censored.
  • Experts warn that countries partaking in mass vaccination drives cause viral immune escape, and that they will initially experience a drop in infectivity rates, but they will inevitably suffer from a steep incline in severe COVID cases in the weeks to come.
  • Experts warn that these injections are genetic reprogramming without informed consent, that they are bioweapons, and a serious alarm has been raised that the “vaccinated” are causing harm to the unvaccinated. Video explanation (Approx. 12 Min).
  • Vaccine manufacturers are stating these injections are 95% effective.  In this important article, we learn that it’s all about relative risk. When suspected and confirmed cases are factored in, the 95% relative risk drops down to 19%.  The BMJ’s Doshi has shown that vaccine manufacturers are not above inappropriately excluding data, deviating from study protocols (and then hiding the deviations), using unofficially unblinded study groups and keeping raw data (even when taxpayer-funded) to themselves.