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Human Trials Begin For Shot Against Lyme Diease

March 23, 2021

Lyme PrEP still uses OspA, the outer surface protein connected to Lyme-like symptoms caused by the previous Lymerix vaccine.


Safety concerns began to emerge soon after people began getting LYMErix. Some recipients began to report joint pain and other effects that they attributed to the vaccine. Within a year of the vaccine’s approval, a class action lawsuit was filed against SmithKline Beecham on behalf of 121 people. Although the suit was eventually settled it provided no compensation to the plaintiffs — publicity about it dampened interest in the vaccine.

Meanwhile, growing distrust of vaccines may have compounded LYMErix’s struggles.

But there is another possible point of contention: VLA15 and Lyme PrEP both target the same protein on Borrelia bacteria that LYMErix did — outer surface protein A (OspA).

The approach used to target OspA in LYMErix was linked to concerns that arose about potential side effects. While studies have not confirmed the connection, VLA15 uses a slightly modified vaccine approach and Lyme PrEP delivers a single antibody directly — both of which could circumvent the purported issue. But Telford said some people might still take issue with a vaccine that targets OspA.

“I anticipate Valneva is going to have a problem with activists,” he said, noting that he had informally spoken with some community groups. “The broad statement was ‘No OspA vaccine, no how.’

Klempner, similar to other Lyme Cabal players has a history with biological weapons as both Director and investigator of a bioweapons lab.  He’s been accused of research fraud, and single-handedly has convinced mainstream medicine that extended treatment doesn’t help Lyme/MSIDS patients. The “Klempner” Report has ruled Lyme-land for over 20 years.

Further, I’m with Lyme advocate Carl Tuttle in that we don’t want a vaccine until the issue of chronic/persistent infection is acknowledged. As you can see from this article, there are those who still believe what we are suffering from is a “scam that should be condemned”.


The Lyme disease controversy keeps on getting bigger, with an hypothetical presentation of “chronic Lyme disease” that some believe to be responsible for late subjective symptoms experienced by patients who are supposedly victims of this chronic infection despite negative examination results and unrelated clinical signs.

This irrational diatribe has been picked up by the media and orchestrated by sectarian supporters of such syndrome – i.e., off-the-rails physicians, associations proclaiming to “defend” the patient’s interests, and even political figures – and has grown into an absurd and troubling polemic. Untruths told by Lyme pseudo-specialists (i.e., the Lyme doctors) and assertions made by people convinced to have chronic Lyme disease are indeed picked up by the media – too eager to disseminate fake news and happy to see the medical authorities flouted – and work to the disadvantage of patients. Patients are fooled, taken advantage of, betrayed, and even encouraged to physically threaten physicians contesting the existence of such syndrome!

Tick-borne illness has been ruled by a Cabal doing pseudoscience, just as COVID has.

In fact, for those paying attention, there are many similarities between how Lyme/MSIDS & COVID have been handled.

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