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Dr. Christiane Northrup Discusses the COVID-19 Vaccine

  1. The COVID-19 vaccine can CHANGE your DNA (transinfection):
  2. The toxic metals within vaccines make our bodies into antennas with 5G:
  3. It has non-human DNA within it, making chimers.  Many of the COVID vaccines also have human DNA in it as well:  and
  4. There is a patent on a dye (Luciferase) in the vaccine to show who has been vaccinated and with ability to store all the information in the Cloud:  (meds, travel records, vaccine records, and other biometric data)
  5. Nanoparticles within the vaccine take all this data.  Once received, there’s no detoxing these nanoparticles. This is a complete invasion of privacy.
  6. The Gates Foundation has a patent 060606 for a “Cryptocurrency System using body activity data”:
  7. Side-effects are prolific from the vaccine:
  8. Previous coronavirus vaccines showed “pathogenic priming” in animals after they were exposed to the wild pathogen:
  9. Regarding the flu vaccine, it makes you 4.4 times more susceptible to other respiratory viruses. and
  10. The “radiation” caused by 5G (60gh) can adversely affect hemoglobin making it difficult to be oxygenated.  This happened in both NY and China (the first case of COVID-19 occurred 1 month after the 5G rollout in Wuhan)  – people were actually blue from lack of oxygen.
  11. Dr. Northrup then states they are vaccinating healthy pregnant women (flu & Dtap)- which she doesn’t understand at all.  I don’t either and it should be a crime against humanity!
  12. They are also vaccinating infants with the Hepatitis B vaccine which obtains 15 times more aluminum than is FDA recommended.
  13. FEAR makes people override their gut feelings.
  14. Dr. Northrup believes this vaccine is designed to cull the population.
  15. Start rejecting the mandates now.  Stand up for yourself now.  
  16. & Facebook are ways to contact Dr. Northrup.

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