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Video credit David Poland of @RylandMedia – this interview sent to me by Health Freedom Ireland @HealthFreedomIE

Nov. 6, 2020

The Price of Truth

A compassionate and emotionally charged interview with a brave Irish doctor, one who tried to speak up. To speak up for a balanced and proportionate response to this challenging viral issue. Compassion. Rationality. Logic. Science. And more – those virtues that seemed to suddenly disappear in 2020.

Can we bring them back, before it is too late?


UK Nurse Quits Job:  “I Can’t Lie Anymore”  Go here for video

While the UK resisting lockdowns is newsworthy, what I want to draw your attention to is the UK nurse speaking in the video about how she quit her job because she refuses to lie anymore about the COVID ‘pandemic.’  It’s a sad day when a medical professional must quit their job for speaking the truth.


“Unfortunately I can’t lie anymore,” said the nurse, explaining how she took a screenshot of internal hospital data showing there were just three people across three hospitals in the region infected with COVID.

The total deaths from these three hospitals across the last 7 months is just 76 people, roughly 10 deaths a month, according to the nurse, who questioned why it was necessary for her region to go into lockdown given such sparse figures.

“I’ve decided there’s no point, I have gone against the rules within the NHS, I have shared confidential information that people need to see,” said the nurse, adding that other doctors and nurses were trying to speak out. (Source.)



Doctors are vilified for defying the COVID narrative similarly to how doctors have been vilified for defying the Lyme narrative:  

Doctors vilified for defying COVID narrative:

The media needs to be held to account for the continuing fear-mongering and  COVID propaganda:

The conflicts of interest must end:  

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