Pulmonary Specialist Speaks Out on the Health Risks of Wearing Masks and The Lies Surrounding COVID-19

November 2, 2020

Joining me today is a Dr. Sterling Simpson MD, a pulmonary specialist to discuss his dissenting views on numerous topics of paramount importance, each of which we have discussed at length here at The Last American Vagabond, and all surrounding the COVID-19 scandal. His professional opinions, despite being deemed “controversial,” are currently supported by countless experts and medical professionals around the world. My objective today as the host of this interview is to give you an opportunity to listen to these medical opinions that the entirety of MSM are actively hiding from you, and which you have every right to hear. As always, listen, think, and come to your own conclusions.

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Scientists are getting away scot-free for causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage and this is something that cannot be allowed to happen. It’s not just the World Health Organisation. Ferguson wanted Sweden to lockdown, got Britain to lockdown, and when the numbers become normal, exactly what you would expect without lockdown. He then says, ah it’s because of lockdown. This is terrible science. This is science which should go on trial.. – Stanford biophysicist and Nobel Laureate Michael Levitt


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