‘I Have Alpha Gal Syndrome, The Meat Allergy That Can Develop After Getting A Tick Bite’

“At first, I thought it was a strange coincidence that I kept getting sick after weddings.”
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Early summer of 2017, I was a mother of five and wife living on a small family farm in southwest Virginia, where I worked as a wedding photographer. One evening after shooting a wedding, I had severe stomach pain and cramping, and then I started vomiting. I figured I had a bad case of food poisoning.

As a wedding vendor, I ate whatever the guests ate, which was typically some sort of barbecue, beef, or steak. That evening, I’d had a prime rib for dinner. But throughout the next several wedding weekends, I continued to experience waves of sickness. At first, I thought it was a strange coincidence that I kept getting sick after weddings. (See link for article)



Here’s the tells:

  • severe stomach pains again after eating meat 
  • hands and feet began itching
  • hands and feet began to swell
  • entire body was covered in huge two- to three-inch welts
  • felt faint
  • throat and tongue swelled up

Here’s the rub….the patient is the one who read about AGS and went equipped to the doctor mentioning the possibility of tick-borne illness, particularly Alpha gal, but true to form, the doctor knew ZILCH about it. Due to this patient’s preparedness, the doctor quickly researched it and inquired what tests to use.  Sure enough, the patient tested positive.

This patient was so sensitive she couldn’t even handle breathing the air in the kitchen if someone cooked meat.  Then, she was bitten by another Lone Star tick and developed an allergy to dairy, her pet goats, dogs and horses.

Evidently some become normal in a couple of years but others never get over the allergy.

The patient carefully reads ALL labels and has to be her own advocate as even doctors will prescribe her things in mammalian gelatin or gelatin caps.

She states she’s had to develop healthy alternatives like oat milk, plant-based butter, and cashew cream for cheese.


After her diagnosis, Meghann initially thought she could continue eating pork, but she experienced severe skin reactions due to AGS.  COURTESY

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