Dear Dr. Holtrop and AAP: “I Don’t Know” and “Just Following Orders” Are Not Acceptable Positions for Pediatricians on Vaccine Contents and Vaccine Risk

by jameslyonsweiler

DR. TERESA HOLTROP, the Michigan Director of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), recently testified in a case in Michigan in which a mom objects to vaccination based on two points:

  • (1) She is religious, and does not want to have products made cells derived from aborted fetuses injected into her daughter, and
  • (2) She is concerned that her daughter may be at increased risk of adverse events due to the very high penetrence of autoimmune disorders in her family.

Holtrop was brought to the case as a witness for the father, who claims he wants his daughter vaccinated. In reality, vaccination for him is a convenience issue added to this case over child support, of which he is failing to pay; the father never tried to have his daughter vaccinated until the child support debt began adding up.

By any analysis, Holtrop’s testimony was a disaster for the father’s position. Holtrop admitted that cells from aborted fetuses are used in vaccines (if there is any doubt in your mind, see this: Fetal-DNA-in-Vaccines-Utah-June-3-2017: and watch this

Holtrop also revealed that she does not have a sufficient amount of knowledge about vaccine risks and vaccine injury. She testified that she is not an expert on vaccine injury, and that she gets her information about vaccines from the CDC website.

Under US Federal Regulations, doctors must be able to communicate the benefits, and the risks of any medical procedure and then they must give their patients a choice after they have secured knowledge that they patient understands both the benefits and the risks.

Holtrop repeatedly stated that she “did not know” when counsel for the mother asked her questions related to vaccine risk.

The fact that the Director of one of our 50 states’ chapters of AAP does not know what she should know about vaccines is disturbing. The fact that Dr. Holtrop has been denying her patients informed consent for over 20 years is unacceptable.

What’s most amazing is that parents have entrusted AAP, by entrusting their own pediatricians. As a patient, you are entitled to have your child’s doctor calmly and professionally explain to you the known benefits – and risks – of each and every vaccine on the CDC schedule. Under US Regulations, you are entitled to be informed, each and every time, that every vaccine is experimental, that ongoing safety studies use adverse events and injuries that occur as a result of vaccination. You are entitled to know the rates of each and every type of adverse event that can occur. And you are entitled to refuse any medical procedure on behalf of your child if you deem the risk of adverse events unacceptable.

Some may claim that due to a clause in the 21st Century Cures Act that patients are not entitled to informed consent for vaccine safety studies; however, since the aim of the study in question is to determine the safety of the vaccine in question, the special clause in the 21st Century Cures Act cannot possibly apply because it can be invoked only in cases in which those running the trial have determined that the risk to the patient in minimal. The post-market surveillance studies are not covered by this clause because they either would not be occurring if the safety was truly known, or post-market surveillance studies are not really scientific studies. Pharma runs these studies, or pays for them, and so the fox in guarding the henhouse on vaccine safety. This is unacceptable.

For the Director of the AAP to cite The Nuremberg Defense demonstrates that the AAP has abdicated their responsibility to families in the US. Instead of pediatricians dismissing families from their practices so they can make their quotas and can receive $600 per child from Blue Cross/Blue Shield for every child who is up-to-date on the CDC schedule, US families should call out their pediatrician in editorials in newspapers and name the practices online in social media and warn other parents if the doctors fail to provide informed consent.

You can also inform the public at websites such as:

and other resources, listed here:

Sadly, parents expect hostility from any pediatrician who is challenged on their knowledge of vaccine risk. Some do not even know that thimerosal, which contains mercury, is in the flu shot. Or that they should hand the CDC’s Vaccine Information Sheets to parents PRIOR to vaccinating the child, and wait for them to read it, and then only vaccinate if the parent gives their consent.

Dr. Holtrop’s testimony provides ample evidence that pediatricians don’t know much about vaccine risk.



I don’t post these articles to stir up anger.  I do it because I truly believe vaccines are part of a perfect storm causing or exasperating chronic illness – Lyme/MSIDS included. Dr. Lambert has treated a number of young women who fell ill after their HPV vaccination, which seems to have stimulated a latent Lyme infection to reactivate. Asymptomatic girls after receiving Gardasil activated dormant Bartonella which was confirmed by testing.  The manufacturing process involved in human and veterinary vaccines uses live animal and human cells to serve as master seed stock. The process was developed before the mechanisms of retroviruses were fully understood, which means that no one was aware of the risks at the time…..As new vaccines were developed in the 1970s, exposure to retroviruses intensified. These retroviruses have now been associated with many of the chronic illnesses modern humans are facing, from cancer and autism to Alzheimer’s and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It is believed that as many as 20 million Americans could be infected with retroviruses, but not all of them will go on to develop a serious illness. They can be thought of as sleeping giants, who are only awakened when there is an immune deficiency. (Such as after the bite of an infected tick)

More on retroviruses: What did microbiologist Judy Mikovitz get for exposing retroviruses in vaccines? She got jailed without a search warrant and publicly demolished by those who can’t stand exposure to the truth.

Every single Lyme/MSIDS patient I know relapsed after getting a vaccine.

Lastly, please note that the reason this whole issue came up was due to a divorce scenario.  A father not paying child support lashes out by demanding vaccination for the first time in the child’s history.

This is an important reason I support the Parental Rights Amendment:  The narrative is also suggesting that the family court process, when vaccination status is concerned, is a stone solid justice machine based on ‘settled vaccine science.’ The reality is that the judge and the court are taking a known and dangerous medical risk with another person’s child that they have no right to take. Do courts have the right to order an unavoidably unsafe medical intervention like vaccination in custody cases?









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