When it Comes to Ticks, Lyme Disease is Only the Beginning

The critters could be responsible for a wide range of health problems—including sudden allergies to meat.
tickred meat photo illustration

ONE NIGHT in the late 1990s, Greg Gilbert, Ph.D., discovered he was allergic to meat. A forest ecologist and professor at UC Santa Cruz, he was working with the indigenous Guna people on the Caribbean coast of Panama to diagnose a disease in coconuts. At dinner, his host served him a stew made out of peccary, a hairy relative of the pig. Gilbert got violently ill and assumed he’d eaten something that either was unsanitary or had gone bad. The next time he visited the Guna and ate pig’s-feet soup, it happened again. That’s when he realized he hadn’t had a one-off reaction. He suffered an allergic response every time he ate meat.  (See link for article)



Overall, decent article.  Their focus was the alpha-gal meat allergy caused by tick bites, which doesn’t get a lot of air play and I appreciated the fact they point out that Lyme is only one of many diseases you can get from ticks.  And while this fact is true, our ‘authorities’ haven’t gotten the memo.  They continue to treat this complex illness as a singularly-caused issue with an extremely limited mono-therapy which has failed time and time again, yet they follow the dogma as if their lives depended upon it.

It’s quite telling that while media stories like this have been coming out for some time now, our ‘authorities’ are truly in the dark ages in responding to it with appropriate research.  There is very little research on the overall effect of having multiple infections simultaneously, yet this is often what happens in reality.

Again, the sexy, accepted research is done on the acute phase of the disease as well as “climate change”.  These topics will not help patients suffering with persisting symptoms one iota.  We need to insist upon good, unbiased studies on issues that will improve patient outcome.  We need accurate tests, appropriate treatments, the effects of being infected with multiple pathogens, and so much more.

More on Alpha-gal:  It’s in Wisconsin too.