Outdoor warning: ticks, Lyme disease and 3 poisonous plants increasing in Alabama

The hotter and increasingly humid springs and summers are supporting a changing ecosystem
Outdoor warning: ticks, Lyme disease and 3 poisonous plants increasing in Alabama
The life stages of a blacklegged tick. (Source: WSFA 12 News/CDC)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – We all know it’s very warm to simply miserably hot and humid for what seems like at least 6 months a year here in Alabama. Unfortunately, that is the perfect recipe for ticks, tick-related illnesses and poisonous plant growth.

But the number of ticks and poisonous plants has and will likely continue to rise across the state as our seasons continue to get warmer and more humid. Not only that, but the danger factor associated with both ticks and poisonous plants is also rising. That is according to scientists at Climate Central, an independent organization of scientists and journalists researching and reporting on the changing climate and its impact on the public.  (See link for article)



Important quote:  

Three of the most common tick-related diseases in Alabama are Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, ehrlichiosis and Lyme disease. According to data from UAB, total cases in Alabama for each of them have jumped rather significantly. For example, during that 8-year span Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever cases increased by a staggering 500%.

I’m glad this information is becoming available because those in the South have fought for decades to be recognized by doctors who diagnose people solely by looking at a map.

Correction:  Ticks are impervious to the weather.

So whatever your beliefs about global warming are – ticks simply don’t care.  They will find leaf litter or snow to hide under and come out when they darn well want to.

What is important about this line of inquiry is that similarly to a magician’s trick to distract you from looking at what they are doing, our ‘authorities’ are experts at distracting from the important issues surrounding Lyme/MSIDS.  One of the most foundational issues surrounding this plague is our own governments’ involvement in it:

Our ‘authorities’ are only too happy to get side-tracked with climate data rather than come clean on their involvement.  Dr. Fauci, the king on the NIAID throne since 1984 (interesting year, huh?), decides who gets government funding for research.  Through his position he can control the narrative and in the case of Lyme/MSIDS, he wants to continue to pigeon-hole it into an easily defined illness they can create lucrative tests, drugs, and vaccines for.  This is what they do.  They own medicine and science and are completely in bed with Big Pharma.  If you defy this accepted narrative, they will hunt you down and make your life miserable.  Many Lyme doctors have gone through this trial by fire.

Recently I posted an article about how the House just approved increased funding for Lyme:

This money, unless it is watch-dogged, will end up like all the money in the past: lining the pockets of The Cabal who have clear conflicts of interest and extreme bias against Lyme patients.

This was recently seen in the TBDWG quite recently:

In essence, Walker like most on the group seriously think we believe we are ill, and if we would believe differently we would no longer be ill.

Please go into the link and contact Congressman Pallone and express that until a public hearing is held on the way Lyme has been handled (the gory back-story in full) we do not want another dime of tax-payer money going to HHS.  They need to know we are tired of their games getting us no where on our nickel.  They need to cease and desist until the truth is aired and doctors, researchers, and patients outside The Cabal are heard.  Also, contact your own representative and educate them on this so they are better equipped to make decisions.