Do Lockdowns Work? Mounting Evidence Says No

Authored by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute,

The coerced economic “shutdowns” – enforced with fines, arrests, and revoked business licenses – are not the natural outgrowth of a pandemic. They are the result of policy decisions taken by politicians who have suspended constitutional institutions and legal recognition of basic human rights. These politicians have instead imposed a new form of central planning based on an unproven, theoretical set of ideas about police-enforced “social distancing.”

Suspending the rule of law and civil rights will have enormous consequences in terms of human life counted in suicides, drug overdoses, and other grave health problems resulting from unemploymentdenial of “elective” medical care, and social isolation. (See link for article)




Results are in.  Florida, with no lockdown or mask mandate has nearly the same hospitalization level as the 2018 flu season:

Again, only the sick should be quarantined, which makes logical sense and has historical precedent.
Important quote:

In a new study titled “Full Lockdown Policies in Western Europe Countries Have No Evident Impacts on the COVID-19 Epidemic,” author Thomas Meunier writes, “total deaths numbers using pre-lockdown trends suggest that no lives were saved by this strategy, in comparison with pre-lockdown, less restrictive, social distancing policies.”

The article points out that nearly 75 percent of COVID deaths occur in patients over sixty-five years of age, of which 90% have other conditions.

Knowing this, it’s easy to see why New York is in the mess it’s in.  Governor Cuomo mandated that nursing homes accept new residents directly from the hospital who had been ill.

The article goes through numerous studies all coming to the same conclusion. Similarly to the history of vaccines, lockdown areas had already experienced a downward trend in deaths before these effects could be seen or showed the same trend as the previous year.  Similar to vaccine proponents taking credit for trends already occurring before vaccines were given, lock-down proponents are taking credit for trends already observed before lockdowns were enforced.

The author of the article gives us a reminder that is helpful for Lyme patients as well:

With economic output crashing worldwide and unemployment soaring to Great Depression levels, governments are already looking for a way out. Don’t expect to hear any mea culpas from politicians.

Saying they got it wrong just isn’t in the cards for politicians.

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