Lyme & Reason – Lyme Disease and the Power of Innovation

Fox5 does a fantastic job covering Lyme disease once again. For more of their coverage:  (Dr. Phillips’ interview is particularly good)
At 15:00 they talk about using Disulfiram/Antabuse for Lyme. Disulfiram is an old drug used for alcoholism but has research showing its ability to kill all forms of Lyme (borrelia):  Please note the three case reports in the comment section
My husband and I tried Disulfiram and were up to the full dose for a solid month.
Unfortunately, I had what doctors call an allergic reaction to it.

Please read about my experience and make sure you understand all risks before taking this medication:

I worry particularly about single patients that do not have someone monitoring them while taking this drug. Evidently, a group of Lyme literate doctors are concerned that some patients with a genetic predisposition can have significant side effects when using Disulfiram:

Significant side effects hardly expresses what I went through.
 A $40 drug nearly killed me.

I don’t want to stop you from considering it, but please, please, discuss what happened to me with your doctor and read the “Disulfiram psychosis update” link and share with your doctor before taking it.

My initial side effects were:

  • converging eyes/vision
  • stomach bloating/gas/burping
  • inability to orgasm
NBC NewYork4 also did a fantastic series in 2017 called The Lyme Wars:
Here’s an old document I found called “Experimental Infection of the African Relapsing Fever Tick, Ornithodoros Moubata (Murray), With Borrelia Latychevi (Sofiev) by Willy Burgdorfer and Gordon E. Davis:
I have an old Army link showing tick experimentation as well but it’s been removed from the internet…..
For more on the bioweaponization of ticks:  Author, Jerry Leonard, has spent untold hours studying this.