Lyme Wars – Part 4  (News video in link) Oct. 26, 2017


Japanese barberry, an invasive plant species banned for sale in New York and Connecticut, could be making an already bad Lyme disease problem in the tri-state worse. Brian Thompson reports in the fourth edition of a five-part series on the fight against Lyme disease.

Park Police Officer, Margie Raimondi, picked ticks off of her daily as if they were mosquitoes.  She was 4.5 months bed bound from Lyme Disease and is now recovering and on disability.

Dr. Scott Williams, an expert on the Japanese Barberry, states the shrub is a perfect habitat for ticks by creating a higher humidity.  Six states have banned or limit the shrub.



For more on the Japanese Barberry:

Barberry has a stronger form of Berberine, according to some experts, than what’s found in Goldenseal, Coptis, or golden thread and the Oregon Grape and is used in both Indian and Chinese medicine.  Master herbalist, Steven Buhner states it is active against a large number of resistant bacteria and numerous strains of Mycoplasma, a common coinfection of Lyme.

I’m so glad Ms. Raimondi spoke up about being infected as I often worry about our public servants who work outside.  Please warn these workers about tick prevention as they are in harm’s way.  Please share this info with them: (Great info plus Consumer Report review on tick repellents & how to remove ticks)

Unfortunately, public servant uniforms are nearly always dark which is going to make seeing ticks nearly impossible; however, they should definitely spray their clothing and shoes with Permethrin and keep Picaridin repellent in their vehicle to spray on skin if they have to go into tick infested areas.  Please read info in blue link for more helpful tips.

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