Oct. 27, 2017 (News video in link)

Man dies of Powassan virus and doctors are sounding the alarms to not only Lyme disease, but other tick-borne illnesses. Stefan Holt reports in the final part of News 4’s 5-part series on the Lyme Wars.



Another informative report on the dangers of other TBI’s (tick borne illness) besides Lyme Disease.  Please remember that a tick’s gut is a literal garbage can of pathogens that work synergistically to make us extremely sick.  This is why throwing doxycycline like napalm doesn’t work for a significant portion of patients and until doctors become educated and admit that Lyme Disease is usually MSIDS (multi systemic infectious disease syndrome) we are doomed as there is often far more than just Lyme (borrelia) at play requiring different medications.  The CDC/IDSA unscientific and antiquated guidelines are seriously behind the 8 ball.  (The actual number of pathogens is far greater than 6 and new ones are being continually discovered)

Also, please do not be taken in by doctors such as Dr. Wormser, chief of infectious diseases at NY Medical College, who claim this or that disease is “rare.”  That type of verbiage has kept thousands from being tested, diagnosed, and treated for decades.  I assure you all of this is more common than currently believed and until every TBI is reportable we have no clue about numbers.  Reporting criteria also needs to be brought up to speed as a majority of patients don’t meet the current arbitrary standards created by the CDC that follows the controlled narrative.


As of 2015, Wisconsin has the 2nd highest number of cases of Powassan:  While it’s true Powassan can be spread in mere minutes, the minimum transmission time for Lyme (borrelia) as not been determined.  Please know multitudes have become infected with LD in far less than 24 hours:


Bartonella – Dr. Phillips states many doctors completely ignore Bartonella, and while the CDC states there is no convincing evidence that ticks transmit Bartonella, Phillips is not surprised.  He says research on Bartonella is where Lyme was 30 years ago.  The majority of WI patients I work with have Bart symptoms.

Borrelia Miyamotoi (Relapsing Fever Group)  Antibiotics that have been used effectively include doxycycline for uncomplicated B. miyamotoi infection in adults and ceftriaxone or penicillin G for meningoencephalitis.


  • Prior to 2008, anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis infections were referred to as human granulocytic ehrlichiosis (HGE) and human monocytic ehrlichiosis (HME), respectively.
  • Since 2008, surveillance for human anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis are classified as:
    • –  Anaplasmosis caused by the A. phagocytophilum bacteria (transmitted by the blacklegged tick).
    • –  Ehrlichiosis caused by E. chaffeensis, E. ewingii (transmitted by the Amblyomma americanum or lone star tick).
    • –  Anaplasmosis/Ehrlichiosisundetermined(speciesunknown) including the new species E. muris-like (EML).
  • Increase in probable cases of E. chaffeensis (lone star tick vector not traditionally seen in Wisconsin.)
  • In 2009, identified a cluster of novel E. muris-like cases.
    • In 2009, EML was first identified in a cluster of four case-patients from Wisconsin (3) and Minnesota (1). This atypical Ehrlichia had never before been identified in North America.
      • From 2009-2012, a total of 33 confirmed EML cases have been identified from both states and one case-patient was cultured positive.
  • It is uncertain how widely spread the E. muris-like infections are in Wisconsin because of the limited testing available.
  • DPH is currently working with laboratories to bring the 34 multiplex PCR testing on board.   Human granulocytic ehrlichiosis in Wisconsin and Minnesota: a frequent infection with the potential for persistence.

Anaplasmosis Treatment

Prevention Tips:

If one thing is clear it’s that none of this is straight forward and simple.  Research and testing for all things TBI is abysmal and has been a controlled narrative from the beginning.  Until researchers and doctors have an unbiased approach patients are caught in the Lyme Wars.

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