Oct. 23, 2017 (News Video in link)

The Lyme Wars Part 1

Julia’s Story:  Teen’s Health Affected in Fight Over Chronic Lyme

The life of a Brooklyn teenager who once danced and played sports changed in nearly an instant. Now she takes more than 70 pills a day and is unable to walk as her doctor tries to treat what he calls chronic Lyme, a controversial diagnosis linked to Lyme disease-carrying ticks. Julia’s story is the first in our five-part investigative series. Stefan Holt reports.


A 2015 report reveals Emblem Health stopped paying for Julia’s treatment which was giving her feeling back in her feet:  Insurance companies have been hiding behind the outdated and unscientific CDC guidelines for decades, denying coverage for Lyme patients.  Since the testing misses over half of all cases and since the antiquated 2006 guidelines recommend 21 days of doxycycline for everyone, regardless of persisting symptoms, insurance companies get away with it.  One key point here is that treatment was working for Julia.  

Dr. Wormser and others who affiliate with the IDSA guidelines theorize & believe there should be antibodies present – but herein lies the problem which is two-fold; 1) the CDC has set up arbitrary levels of needed antibody presence and taken out key bands of the test (band 31 OspA & band 34 OspB) that are specific to infection due to their patent on the Lyme vaccine which also uses those bands, and while many patients do have antibodies they don’t have enough, and 2) it’s been proven some folks never mount an appropriate immune response to reveal these antibodies.  It’s a Catch-22 with multitudes not meeting the Lyme Cabal’s subjective criteria.

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