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Published on Jul 12, 2019

A case study in corporate malfeasance. References available at:
The story I’m going to tell today begins just before the turn of the century. The year is 1999 and Merck has brought a new pain killer onto the market called Vioxx. According to a paper published in the British Medical Journal, since the early development of Vioxx some scientists at Merck were concerned that the drug might adversely affect the cardiovascular system. Despite Merck’s knowledge that Vioxx might increase blot clot formation, none of the intervention studies it did for the FDA in 1998 were designed to evaluate cardiovascular risk. So let’s think about this for a minute. Merck’s own scientists, while developing this new drug, say this could be bad for the heart, it could be bad for the cardiovascular system. So Merck made the decision to NOT evaluate the cardiovascular risk of that drug in its new drug application to the FDA. And let’s see how that turned out.
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Published on Sep 28, 2016
Around half of the clinical trials done on medicines we use today are not published. A tragic truth that needs to be changed, to help doctors do their job properly and to not betray the trust of all those who have volunteered to be part of those trials. Find out more about the AllTrials campaign ad references for claims made in the talk at In particular, read more about the claim that around half of all clinical trials on the medicines we use today have not published results here…. Audiovisual producer: Daniel Goldmann. Editing: Xavi Fortino. Film team: Elena Salcedo, Josep Fernández, Daniel Davidson, Nicolás Mazzini, Nacho Valentín, David Ramos, Ignacio Fuentes and Fran Rubio. Síle Lane is director of campaigns and policy at Sense about Science, a charity concerned with the use and abuse of scientific evidence in public life. Síle helps run the global AllTrials campaign for clinical trial transparency which is supported by thousands of people and organizations worldwide.  “This brings us to the financial incentives to pediatricians offered by insurance companies for vaccinating our children. The Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance document explaining these financial incentives can be found here:  Pediatricians are raking in 40-80 thousand dollars a year from these kickback schemes.”
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